Subject: FOR YOU
From: no one
Date: 7 Oct 2018

The whole world might conspire against you, because you know people will keep spreading all the bad things they know about you but I want to let you know.......all that means nothing to me. I want to know that side of you that no one seems to care about. But how do i dive in deeper? Where do i go from here babe? The more you let me in your life, i cant help but realize that deep down you’re hurt, like a broken piece of glass that was shattered. You are waiting for someone to pick and fix you up. And if they do, they’re gonna bleed just like how i am bleeding right now. Slowly, the pain will come back to you. You can’t do that babe, you can’t let someone fix you. Only you can do the fixing yourself. I hope you will soon realize that. But i’ll be here, always.