Yoga Pants Debate: An Open Letter from Yoga Pants

Subject: Yoga Pants Debate: An Open Letter from Yoga Pants
From: Yoga Pants
Date: 9 May 2015

Dear Women,

I didn’t know that I would become such a hot topic in 2015, but I’m flattered! Considering that I’ve been around since 1959, my 56 years of walking around on this earth has been great and I wanted you to hear directly from me. Let’s get a few things out of the way first.


Please stop wearing me if you have a camel toe! For the love of all womankind, NOBODY wants to see that! There are so many different varieties of me out there that companies have made, try on a few until you find the perfect pair, OR here’s a novel idea, where a longer shirt that doesn’t show any of that. I am all for comfort and body positive image but there is nothing attractive about the dreaded camel toe.


I know that I am made in nude and khaki colors, and I am at a loss as to why, but please stop wearing that color. I think if you stop wearing those colors then maybe designers/manufacturers will stop making me in them. When you put me on and I see you in the mirror, it freaks me out and makes me do a double take because I think for a second that you forgot to put on pants. I can only imagine what the human race thinks when you are walking around in public with flesh tone yoga pants on. I will keep it real: it looks like you’re naked and that ain’t right, so stop wearing me in flesh toned colors.


If you are going to wear me with heels and crop tops and show the world all that your momma gave you, I ask that you at least do it tastefully, have the body for it, and read my #1 request and abide by it. Look, I know that you have either worked really hard at having a slammin’ body, have the best bootie that even other women admire, or are a celebrity making a statement, but let me remind you that I was originally created specifically for a fitness activity called “yoga”, not as pants for fashion.

Now that I have that out of the way, here’s what I have to say about this great debate. I do not think that this is a modest issue, fashion issue, world issue, or an issue at all. What I do think is that it’s a personal heart conviction, opinion, and personal choice. I do not think that anyone is in the wrong, nor do I think that I am a stumbling block for men. I am a pair of spandex/lycra pants that cover you up way more than any bathing suit does and I was created to be worn during yoga, pilates, marital arts, etc. I was created in order to help you be more comfortable when you are conquering the world to make yourself healthy and strong by working out. I don’t view myself as a lustful piece of clothing but I do understand how I can be viewed that way considering how some of you wear me, BUT one of my very best friends Blue Jeans hasn’t been put in spotlight. Is she next? I mean, come on, we’ve all seen what you’ve done with Blue Jeans – does “Daisy Dukes from Dukes of Hazzard” ring any bells? It’s not me, it’s how you choose to wear me. If there’s any issue it would be that. You are very smart and I know you know the difference between being appropriate and inappropriate.

I am personally fine with you wearing me out in public if you are really going to workout and you have the proper areas covered. I live by honesty and as you can tell, sometimes when some of you wear me it shows the honest truth that some things need to be covered up until you reach the point that it doesn’t as much anymore. I am proud of you for making the effort to get yourself healthy, but that doesn’t mean that the world needs to see every nook and cranny if you know what I mean. On the flipside, for those of you that walk around flaunting your assets in me to every single person in the gym or out in public, you look amazing but leave a little mystery to the imagination. Yes – you! I’m talking to you and you know what I mean. When I become so paper thin that people can actually see the crack of your butt standing 3 feet away from you, even though you have the butt to flaunt it, just stop. It’s not attractive! In fact, it becomes the opposite of attractive. Again, it’s a fine line. Be smart about it. Value yourself a little bit more. Don’t count on me to get you attention, instead work on how you speak, how you carry yourself, how to form valid opinions and thoughts, be kind, and flash a smile every once in a while!

Bottom line … I am fine if you wear me or don’t wear me, my biggest concern is that you do it with the intent that it’s not to get attention, but that you do it with class, and that you make sure that you follow my three rules. I mean, I am your MOST comfortable item of clothing that you will ever own! We have a relationship like no other. I am the one piece of clothing you turn to that immediately makes you emotionally relaxed, gives you breathing room, cozies up with you on the couch, runs errands with you, makes your brown riding boot outfits look like you just walked out of Pinterest, makes chasing down your kids effortless, helps your muffin top not flow over the waistband, makes travel a breeze in airports and on road-trips, etc. etc. etc. Need I say more? You know the list can go on and on, but I’ll stop there for now.

Don’t make me an issue, just Namaste and get along! Support positive body image with each other, and don’t take me so seriously. I will always be here for you and hope that you will continue to wear me proudly, within reason. I am sure I will not become the 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not wear yoga pants.” and I do not want to become a religion thing, or a topic that stirs up debate.

There is one thing I do want though … I JUST WANT TO DANCE! I love dancing! So, please when you put me on, always find a reason to dance or make it a point to do so. This is one of my favorite things you can do with me and I think you owe it to me. Here’s one of my favorite videos that would make me proud if you put me on now and “wiggle wiggle”! Just have fun and don’t take me so seriously, life’s too short.


Yoga Pants

P.S. Seriously! No more camel toe or flesh colors!