An Open Letter to those self-absorbed crop-top complainers

Subject: An Open Letter to those self-absorbed crop-top complainers
From: Ayrianna Drayton
Date: 21 Nov 2016

Dear self-absorbed crop-top complainers,

As I stroll through the mall I see you everywhere: with your friends on a Friday night, shopping with your mom, and even on social media. More times than not, I question your lack of judgment when I see you in those armpit hugging crop tops and low-waist jeans. Night after night, you text your friends complaining how you look fat in photographs but posting on Twitter how much you’re in love with your new outfit. You claim you are “humble” and “confident,” but I beg to differ. I know from experience that you’re not posting “sweaty” gym selfies to give motivation to others; you’re posting them for self-gratification. I commend you for losing the weight you have always dreamt of, but that doesn’t give you the green light to brag incessantly about how you have lost 45 pounds every chance you get.

First, to the girls who have lost that weight but still don’t know how to dress for their body type:

I am sick and tired of being a supportive friend to all of you women who sit there and complain about your body yet wear the worst type of clothing for your body type. Yes, you have lost a good amount of weight, but still being close to 200 pounds does not mean you are the next plus size model. My eyes hurt looking at your stretch marked hips as I painfully tell you, “Yeah that looks great” or “no it’s just enough skin but not too much.”


It looks horrible wearing a neon pink crop top when you aren’t a size 2 and it IS too much skin, it’s a dinner date not a nude beach!! I am tired of acting like body positivity movements can give women the excuse to wear what they want and still publicly complain about how they look. These girls need to go.

According to a fashion legend Stacey London, “Fit is everything. I don't care what your body type is like: If you're not wearing clothes that fit you, you can't have style.”(Brainy Quote, 2016)

Second, to the girls who just don’t know what’s appropriate for the occasion:

Have you never heard of the T.V. show “What Not To Wear”? The main two hosts of the show are Stacey London and Clinton Kelley. This power duo shows women who dress inappropriately, how to dress appropriately. Stacey London clearly has not seen your outfit or daily attire because if so, she would be scurrying to help you find something better fitted to your body type.

On one of Stacey’s several episodes she quotes “Never let a good trend get in the way of creating a great outfit for yourself.” Now if I am interpreting this correctly, this could apply to all of you crop top complainers.

Yes, I understand everyone and their mom is wearing crop tops these days… but that doesn’t mean you have to also, especially not at weddings….

What is that you ask? Where else do people wear inappropriate clothing? Funny you ask that, I’m staring at some right now.

School. We modest students are here to learn and not stare at your purple diamond belly button ring or tattoo that is placed on your lower back. Public schools across the United States have fairly strict dress code rules yet you are the type of female who asks “why?” Take a look in the mirror and try to tell me with a straight face that what you are wearing is school appropriate and professional.

I have been watching “What Not To Wear” for years now and I know Clinton and Stacey would NOT sit there and feel okay with the way you women present yourselves on a daily basis.

Third, to the girls who are insufferable compliment-seekers:

Your whining does not make anyone feel bad for you, nobody, including myself, will sit there and make you feel better when the whole community can see right through you, your motives are not pure. You are like the boy who cried wolf.

For example, in high school my group of friends and I would constantly have group chats going on and always sharing photographs of our outfits for the next day at school. We would ask each other questions like, “Do you like this shirt or the other shirt?” “Does this look too dressy?” This type of interaction always annoyed me. One day, my friend sent us a message saying how this guy in her English class told her she looked like a slut. She seemed upset and insecure for a minute then, happy. I knew deep down she loved the attention she got from the opposite sex, even thought it was negative.

The bottom line is, I am sick and tired of these girls who only seek out attention or fish for compliments. You are the reason the male population think less of us, you could possibly be the reason that “women working full time in the United States typically were paid just 79 percent of what men were paid.”(Hill, 2016)
“The day you stop fishing for compliments is the day I'll consider thinking about giving you one.”(Search Quotes, 2016)

The world is not here to sit you down and rub your back until you feel better. Nobody is going to hold your hand while shopping at your favorite store or while having to pick out a dress for your friend’s party. This is real life, people will judge you based solely on how you dress or do your hair. People will laugh at your behind your back. This is reality.

Women need to stop wearing clothes that do not fit their body, stop fishing for compliments, and quit whining about your body. Do something! Put on a shirt that goes past your belly button and put your big girl pants on. Nobody is here to save you.

Sincerely, Your critical best friend