Women who stay with a chronic cheat

Subject: Women who stay with a chronic cheat
From: I'd rather be alone than his fool
Date: 2 Sep 2017

Why do you stay with a person who continues to cheat time and time again, with a person who takes complete advantage of your willingness to look the other way? Do you not value yourself? Are so concerned with the opinion of others when you know what they think? When they know?
Tell me something. Is your love of the material things being married affords you worth your self esteem?
Why do you stay with someone you know loves another? It is one thing to have a brief fling or a one night stand but when you stay with someone who continues to cheat with the same person month after month year after year who you know they love then what do you gain from that? Are you really content when you spend holidays with someone knowing that somewhere, someone else is also enjoying a new pair of earrings or a new ring, something special that he saved and hid cash for months on end so you won't know how he takes the time and effort to buy her the perfect gift? It doesn't bother you to know that when you think you are on a special date that he is sneaking off in the mens room to send her a quick message or phoning her to say how much he misses her?
What do you gain other than getting to hang on to your house and his paycheck? Is your love of money that important? or is it just that you are possessive and competetive, that you are too emabarresed to let another woman take away what you thinkk belongs to you? that you want to show off that he chooses to stay with you not loving or being faithful to you but doent't want to put his children through having to watch a divorce?
Where is your sense of pride, don't you care that everybody you know thinks you have such a low sense of self esteem that you will jst look away every time he begs for forgiveness and says he is finished and it wont happen again? But he continues to return to her over and over. Explain what it is because it can't be love.