Just Two Strangers

Subject: Just Two Strangers
From: Mark
Date: 28 Nov 2022

My intention, until a few days ago, was to remain silent and never return to speak on this site but, I am forced to have to break this silence because, if I did not do so, this same silence could be interpreted by you as consent on my part toward your words. Actually, the speech I am about to make is purely hypothetical: you are very intelligent and clever, and you often write on this site simulating other people's stories which, however, have many things in common with what we have experienced. I don't know why you do this, however I care very little to find out. Let's go into detail: several times you have written that perhaps, in another life we might have our "Happy Ending" assuming that I am consenting. The point of the matter is that I am not consenting at all. What if there was another woman better suited for that role than you? Wouldn't that be fairer? Have you never thought about that? I 'm not interested in being destined to be with you in another life, I never even thought about it and especially never wanted it. Better to leave things as they are, even as far as reincarnations are concerned. Your husband seems like an okay person to me, I think rather than thinking about an uncertain future reincarnation, you should try with all your might to keep the life you have now forever. There are plenty of other women in the world who are not as fortunate as you, who would just need to be happy for one life. Besides, if you want to know, I don't believe in reincarnations, they are just lies of the "new age philosophy," which prefers to make up these ridiculous stories to prevent people from doing other things that would be much more useful for themselves, even such as seeking immortality in this very life, who knows, maybe it could be possible. Consider this given: if I had really wanted you beyond imagination I would have fought for you in this life (losing my original "bet" with God), but I made other choices that were more important to me and that I am not in the least regretful about. And I really can't understand where this "attachment" of yours to me comes from, since all the time of our sort of "dating" I always had the feeling that you really didn't care about anything I said or asked you. In my opinion you are faking an interest, but I don't understand to what end. As mentioned above, however, I care very little to find out. I remind you that I had to find out your name and your true nationality by my own efforts, since you never wanted to tell me anything, not even two of the most basic pieces of information in existence, which can generally be easily revealed even to strangers without taking great risks. That choice you made helped me begin to break away from you. It was 28-11-2014, you have a photograph of me on that day, provided you have not deleted it from your old white HTC smartphone. You can delete that picture, it belongs to an encounter that I am sure should never have happened in any of the existing space-time. As far as I'm concerned, our destiny (even in other lives, if they exist) may very well continue to remain eternally that of two perfect strangers: we will be perfectly capable of getting by even so. Have a good life A.