To the woman sleeping with my husband.

Subject: To the woman sleeping with my husband.
Date: 8 Nov 2017

I felt hurt, I have felt pain. But most of all I feel sorry for you. Sleeping with a man who is married shows you have no morals. You have no self respect. I was mad, I hated you. I was diagnosed with cancer. You acted like my friend you told me you wouldn't talk to him any longer. Only to hurt me again. You have dragged my name through the dirt. Why? I ask I wasn't the one sleeping with a married man. It saddens me that your self worth is so low. I loved this man, part of me always will. What makes you think your special. I was you once is was amazing. I wish you well. I will fight for my life but what I won't do is hate you any longer. I feel sorry for you that you don't love yourself enough.
Thank you