Withdraw Russian troops beyond Ukrainian border

Subject: Withdraw Russian troops beyond Ukrainian border
From: Tetiana Druzhenko
Date: 1 Mar 2022

Dear Joe Biden, Olaf Scholz, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Fumio Kishida, Justin Trudeau, Scott Morrison,
the world leaders, scientists, journalists and celebrities,
American, European and Australian communities,
we are grateful for all your support. Please stand steadfast! Your help is crucial for us.

Please take all necessary measures in order to demand from Russia:
1) to stop Russian intervention, especially bombing of major cities and other inhabited settlements and
2) to withdraw Russian troops beyond internationally recognized borders.

Perhaps, the political and economical complexities seem ambiguous from peaceful diplomatic districts of the world capitals – but when enormous burning objects are flying in front of one’s window, everything becomes pretty clear, trust me.

Hundreds of people are dying from both sides. The youths are future of the humanity and they could become prominent politicians, scientists, engineers instead of being used as living shields and cannon fodder.

Given all the urgent environmental and social challenges that should unite the humanity, can we afford to let Russia to involve the world in World War III?

Kyiv, Ukraine, the 1st of March 2022.

Let our children inherit the peaceful Earth,