Subject: Wired
From: Anonymous
Date: 25 Jul 2017

The news of Chester Bennington shook me to the core. The severity of one's pain and suffering is the most puzzling and foreign emotion to ever exist. We say what we feel, but there is still that void that cannot fulfill or reveal what is really taking a toll on our emotions. If it were to be, then it would be a "cure" to our suicidal thoughts. It will never be permanently removed. It will remain forever ingrained into our bones.

For some, it will not impact their lifestyle. For others though, it will remain strong as ever to the point where they become lifeless and shed no emotion to the world. As I am finishing this post, I am currently hesitant because I have the tendency to feel very insecure and overly concerned about my grammars and what not. But today is a "I don't give a hoot" type of day.The most important is sharing part of my opinion of what I am going through or see as an individual. Rest in Paradise to Chester Bennington and to those who have ended their pain and suffering through suicide.