Will Honorable Scheduled Caste Commission (herein after referred as "NCSC" explain to Scheduled Caste persons in India as:

Subject: Will Honorable Scheduled Caste Commission (herein after referred as "NCSC" explain to Scheduled Caste persons in India as:
From: Yeshwant Sadashiv Hotkar
Date: 22 Apr 2022

Will Honorable Scheduled Caste Commission (herein after referred as "NCSC" explain to Scheduled Caste persons in India as:

I) Why NCSC was in hurry in protecting Mr Sameer Wankhede even whose belonging to Mahar i. e Scheduled Caste is not confirmed?

II) Why NCSC is NOT in hurry in protecting the writer of this open letter Mr Yeshwant Sadashiv Hotkar even whose belonging to Scheduled Caste is not controversy?

III) from above whether it is a commission to protect those who:

1) are non scheduled caste persons (at the time of representing with it) such as Mr Sameer Wankhede?

2) have largesse?

3) have support from ruling party in Central Govt. i. e BJP which comes over road for supporting Mr Sameer Wankhede?

4) are bigs and who can manage influences

5) can manage support of influential politicians

IV) whether it has reduced itself as an extension to screen offenders (from incumbent central government public servants) because helping me will be meaning to expose the protecting (fortified/particularised with evidences viz. about 3300 online complains on CPGRAM portal, about 40 complains to PMO etc. brought before it through various/several representations) by public servants those who:

1) looted the central government revenue of approximate of Rs 30000 crores

2) are sharing the bribe from loot of Rs 30000 crores through money laundering or in kinds

3) for in lieu of corruption receipts are committing atrocity on scheduled caste persons?

V) why it did not issued notices to Public Servants from Central Government of India viz. Honorable:

1)Cabinet Secretary,

2) Home Secretary,

3) Personnel Secretary

4) Joint Secretary (incharge Administrative Tribunal section)

5) DCP, New Delhi

6) SHO, Tilak Marg Police Station Delhi


8) & etc.

VI) whether landline numbers in your office are the decorated pieces so that Public Servants in your office donot take phone, or when phone received same is abruptly ended etc.

VII) whether it had ordered public servants working in its office to not attend/hear grievances telephonically for prompt acting/needful doing in grievances in pursuance of standard citizen charter; as whenever called phone line is not connected/responded/picked or when phone is picked finding in difficulty of having not done in helping citizen in distress phone from NCSC end is abruptly closed, some examples amongst more:

1) Mr A P Gautam, Research Officer not taking phone mist times

2) PA for Joint Secretary Mr Jai Narayan says that his boss Joint Secretary is in meeting and never connects line

3) Mr Jeetendra Sihwag, Under Secretary, NCSC always speaks irrelevant nowadays deliberately not taking phone

4) Mr Kaushal Kumar, Director, NCSC never coming on line but in Mr Sameer Wankhede case issued notice under his signature but avoided his signature in my casr

VIII) why incumbent Honorable Vice-Chairman Mr Halder visited Mr Sameer Wankhede at his residence at Mumbai but no one visited me even when Iam terrified (through GOI sponsored conspiracy by Public Servants posted in GOI & etc.) on trigger from sharing loot of Rs 30000 crores Government revenue and even my case is more serious to the extent:

1) my younger brother-in-law is murdered by droving truck over his body at Jaunpur, Uttarpradesh on 08.03.2017 for coloring it as accident

2) my dear relative is mercilessly beaten with attempt to murder attack/assault on 21.03.2019 (when I was pursuing in second appeal before Honorable Central Information Commission):through hired gundas who are still let free

3) and much more serious conspiracies including implanting non SC persons by favouring such Non SC person by giving him Govt. Job through SC quota only to dupe for spoiling the peace of SC persons/family

4) consistently cooking of false records for harassing me including indulging in cooking false records by Mr Gautam

IX) when will it pass the order protecting me (SC person) in grievance registered [with it as F. No. Maha/38/2021-APCR (on 04.10.2021)] i. e now 6.5 months over; whereas in Mr Sameer Wankhede case inspite being registered on 26.10.2021, Order is passed (in January/February 2022 i.e approximately 2 months back) by NCSC which is grave DISCRIMINATION practicing?