Subject: #WhyIWrite
From: Chloe Balderson
Date: 26 Sep 2018

October 20th, 2018 will mark the 10th year of the National Day on Writing- a day for individuals to express why they write and how it has become part of their lives. Students forget far too often that writing has a purpose outside the classroom. Writing is an essential form of communication, and we use it on a daily basis: texting, sending e-mails, posting on social media sites, etc.

I write using all three of these platforms, but I also write to convey my most personal thoughts and feelings. I write so that others can understand who I truly am. I'm not just a painfully shy, awkward young adult who struggles to make eye contact with others and rarely remembers to smile as a result of my Asperger's. I couldn't possibly explain that in a conversation, so that's why I'll write about it (along with many other topics) instead.

I invite anyone who reads this to share why they write on October 20th!