Why technology is the end of the human race

Subject: Why technology is the end of the human race
From: Wilma Godwinson
Date: 19 Dec 2016

To the generation determined to destroy all that is scared in this world,

This is a letter to express the loathing I have for the techno-generation. These degenerates clearly do not understand the harmful and ungodly impact that technology is having on our society.

Having these gadgets in their hands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week means that they can not possibly be communicating with God or doing his work.

These people are narcissistic, rude, disrespectful and probably all addicted to pornography.

The way the world is 'progressing' is ageist and exclusive which is not in line with the world that God created and whilst it fills me with great anger, it also fills me with great sadness knowing that there will be a day where I leave behind this world as it heads towards its doom.

Throughout my life, I have learnt about the things that matter, that are sacred. The relationships we make and cherish. The love and care we have for our neighbours. The work of God. None of these things seem to matter to the techno-generation and the clearest explanation of this is that technology poisons the mind and the soul.

I hope that strong leadership will encourage people to remember the glory of past times and that they will strive to lead a sin free, technology free life.

Kindest regards,
Wilma - a hopeful grandma.