Why Pineapple Belongs On Pizza

Subject: Why Pineapple Belongs On Pizza
From: Jorge Valdez
Date: 21 Mar 2017

To Marcos,

I know that you are going to hate me for doing this, but I am tired of you complaining and talking trash on the wonderful powers pineapple has. Ever since you started eating healthier, you have gotten more picky with the food you eat, and now you refuse to eat some of the best foods known to man. I mean, you used to love going to Buffalo WIld Wings, but now you prefer to eat a salad. Salad has no flavor whatsoever so, stop listening to society telling you what's healthy and what isn’t.

This might be a controversial topic for many including you, but you need to acknowledge the many benefits and flavors pineapple adds to pizza. First of all, we all know that pineapple is a fruit, and that's what gives it a bad image, but if you really like to eat healthy, why would you turn down pineapple. If you didn’t know, pineapple is a really good source of vitamin c and fiber. I bet you never thought eating a pizza with pineapple could benefit you in anyway. You might also be happy to know that according to Authority Nutrition, eating yellow vegetables or fruits can prevent the risk of colon cancer.

Second of all, you can trust me when I tell you, taking a bite of a pineapple pizza will show you the true wonders of the world. I am a regular pizza consumer, and I have tried every pizza recipe known to man. I can say that the best recipes on my list have all included pineapple on them. If I could recommend a pizza to you, I would say try ham, pineapple, and jalapenos. If you worry about the sweet flavor of the pineapple, the jalapenos will be a perfect match of sweet and spicy. When you take a bite of the pizza, you will feel the gooey cheese exploding with the sweet and sour flavors of the pineapple and jalapenos, which will make your tongue experience one of the most magical things in its life.

Overall, If at this point you are still not convinced, you need to take in consideration that I didn’t like pineapple on pizza before. I would become sick with the thought of anyone daring to eat a slice of pizza containing pineapple. I would constantly tell myself I would never consume it, but one day, I decided life was too short to not to give it a shot. I tried a Hawaiian pizza after my friends made a bet with me, and I realized that I was fool to reject pineapple for about 10 years of my life. If you want even more evidence, a survey done by the Public Policy Polling showed that 47% of people like pineapple on pizza, 32% don’t approve of pineapple, and 20% are unsure. From these results, we can see that most people agree that pineapple is amazing and that it is even getting attention all around the country. Look, if you can’t accept the fact that pineapple is delicious on pizza, I don't think we can be friends anymore. If you do change your mind, I will be glad to buy you a large $7.99 pizza from Dominos, and we can share the joy of delicious food together. Hopefully, you don’t play yourself.

Jorge Valdez