What it's like to be the fat lady.

Subject: What it's like to be the fat lady.
Date: 7 Aug 2017

So it's late, you've been at work all day and you're laying in bed, wide awake, scrolling through social media, feeling empty inside. You see all these beautiful women smiling for their selfies, they have their cute clothes and heals on. They tilt their body weight onto one hip and have that beautiful arm propped up. You feel hurt. Hurt because you work with her and today she was complaining because she has put on 10 pounds. Your heart sank when she brought it up, when she called herself a cow. Automatically you can't help but think, if she's a cow, what the hell can I possibly be in her world? You tell her she's beautiful and she denies it. She goes on and never thinks anything else about it. But we do. You think about how when you look down at your phone that double chin becomes way more noticeable. You start to feel your hips and butt hang off the sides of that tiny chair you sit in at work. Has she ever had a problem finding a hoodie that fits? No, probably not. For the last five years, you've made healthier adjustments to your meal plans. You've went to the gym. You joined that weight loss class your doctor and mom recommend.