What if, government transparency happened

Subject: What if, government transparency happened
From: One American
Date: 16 Sep 2021

While surfing on fact check.org I read (about Afghanistan)

We went there for two reasons, George. Two reasons,” Biden said. “One, to get bin Laden, and two, to wipe out as best we could, and we did, the al Qaeda in Afghanistan. We did it. Then what happened? Began to morph into the notion that, instead of having a counterterrorism capability to have small forces there in — or in the region — to be able to take on al Qaeda if it tried to reconstitute, we decided to engage in nation building. In nation building. That never made any sense to me.”

And in thoughts imagined that we witnessed the oppressive rules and harsh punishment forced upon the people. People in small communities all across the nation people with nothing. Wishing not to live in terror wanting an end to government corruption.
They needed help.
We needed to know what and why we were doing there.
Because helping the people to create their own democracy would be an appropriate thank you for their help in achieving our goals.

I don't know

It seems to me that if after twenty years we failed to put a dent in government corruption. We should admit nation building is not working
Never should we have made a deal with our friends oppressors without our friends. But we did and if getting out is the thing to do (what happened to.having a counterterrorism capability to having a small force there)

The first thing should be making sure our people know it is time to go home. Next thing would be to tell our friends we are potentially endangering their lives and offer to get them safety to a new home. Those goals should have been the priority from the day we made a deal with our friends oppressors