Subject: waiting
From: Peter's sister
Date: 27 Mar 2015

I don't pretend to know what courage or strength it would take to face me. Nor do I care. Why is it not the first thing you knew to do to try to ease the pain.
I've been waiting for 31 years now. I know the hole you left in my life, in our lives will grow easier to live with....if only you would face me, tell me you're sorry. I'm not waiting for an explanation. Making me understand why you stabbed my brother until he lay limp underneath you would only horrify me and open the part of that wound that has closed. I just want to hear you say sorry, let me rest, quell my anger.
I know where you are, this is a tiny village - this little paradise of a nation near the bottom of the world. But you have never sought me out. None of us. I ache to know you are sorry.