voter rights legislation

Subject: voter rights legislation
From: Eldorado
Date: 21 Jan 2022

Let me to those that oppose the voter rights bill John Lewis bill or h.r bill like the Republicans and democrats Joe Manchin & Krsten Sinema every person have the right to vote blacks brown older disabled Latinos young people have the right to vote of politicians that will represent their best interest . I really don't see why individuals like Manchin & Sinema are in the democrats congress if they oppose voter rights for all Americans that include real Americans African Americans Mitch McConnell. The more I realize that these (pos) individuals of Joe Manchin &Krsten Sinema is only in congress for their self interest plain greed Republicans I'm not surprise of their non action of voter rights for Americans they see it as keeping power in congress if less Americans such as African Americans Latinos young people older disabled not to cast a vote in order to stay in control. These Fuckers oppose voter rights mainly on the big lie by Donald Trump who is still claiming today voter fraud when it there wasn't any fraud in the 2020 election. So all I have to say to Republicans and democrats Joe Manchin &Krsten Sinema as well other democrats F*ck all you as politicians and individuals (POS)