To the Unlicensed Storytellers

Subject: To the Unlicensed Storytellers
From: Your most used Antagonist
Date: 17 Dec 2016

I know I've already posted similar lines on my facebook account. In which, I continue to hope, that you lot have read. Still, I may as well tell the world.

There's an endless stream of derogatory remarks for each of us; some we know, some we don't; some are due to our own actions, some just results of others' opinions.

Being labeled as something that I do not do is either the result of YOUR insecurity or me being the cause of the disadvantage of the other party. (YOURS)

But it isn't my obligation to justify against anyone who says otherwise. I'll just let you and your peers throw your petty comments, your snide remarks, all your made up reasons for hating me for something I did not do.

It's not my fault for doing something I want to do - which you've decided to see as something otherwise, not my fault for trying to be better for others, not my fault for striving to be the best I can be for myself, and even for everyone else I care for.

Pretty sure someone (or maybe two or three) out there will go, (in our language) "wow, naka english, so matalino ka na n'yan?" (Wow, English, so you think you're so smart?) Or "and so?" Or even "kinaganda mo iyan teh. English e. Shut up na lang ako." (Ya think this makes you better, imma just shut up)

I'll let you... I'll let them. This is you and their way of coping up after they realize how I've finally hit the nail. I'll let you become who you wan to be. I'll just let you.

I'll let you bark your achievements and question my IQ. I'll let you brag your level, your status, and everything that makes you better than me. Well, it's not like you're better than me in everything, aren't you? Why did you even started enumerating your advantages?

But anyway, Just keep up the good work with those damn made up stories of yours. Keep telling people how much you hate me for a nonexistent reason. Keep digging you own grave. I'll just let you lot... and be satisfied. At what? At the fact that, I haven't even made a move yet, and there you all are, effed and messed up at my placid state.