Understanding the Alcoholic

Subject: Understanding the Alcoholic
From: Santiago
Date: 14 Apr 2020

Understanding the Alcoholic
Alcoholism is a major problem in today’s society. Drinking heavily on a day-to-day basis causes problem with oneself and affects relationships with others. Danger is always near when alcohol is present. Drunk driving, abusive behavior and lack of functioning are all problems alcoholics face when they let the bottle consume their lives. For some it’s the “medicine” they seek and desire, they find pleasure when they finally realized they are now buzzed.
Alcoholism and love do not go hand-and-hand
They say opposites attract and many people are willing to help those overcome their addictions, but when you have a strong desire to love and heavy drinking problem, you are not going to get a beautiful outcome. Alcoholism and domestic violence often co-occur. In the article “Alcohol Use Disorder and Domestic Violence.” A study shows an estimated 55 percent of people who commit domestic abuse were drinking. Additionally, women who experience domestic violence are up to 15 times more likely to abuse alcohol. Drinking can lead to serious relationship issues, which then can turn into extreme depression for both sides of the relationship. Fireball and romance will never corelate with another; it will only bring a bad taste and heartbreaks

Drunk driving is serious problem when it comes to drinking. The fact one is not functioning right but thinks they can control a vehicle is extremely dangerous. The attempt of driving from a bar or club impaired is sacrificial. Many car accidents and deaths are caused by drunk drivers. In the article “Drunk Driving” by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In the last decade drunk driving crashes claim more than 100,000 lives per year. The seriousness of being impaired while driving is not a joke. Nevertheless, people will do as they please, especially when they have alcohol in their system.
The endangerment one is putting on themselves, while drinking so heavily is hurting their mind and body. When so much alcohol has been consumed; you have lack of attention and strength. Overtime the body will stop functioning correctly, leading to liver disease or death. Alcoholism ties in to all these factors, all we ask to those who are suffering from this addiction, please reach out and ask for help.
Families who have a loved one suffering from alcoholism, try their best to get them the help they so desperately need. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are groups created for individuals who are struggling to put down a bottle. These groups meet on a weekly basis and they discuss on how drinking ruin their lives. Alcoholism can also be slowed or completely stopped by individuals picking up hobbies and partaking in activities they love to do. It’s asking a lot for someone with an addiction such as alcoholism or anything with just as much severity to quit. With the right resources, the care from others and most importantly the will power to stop drinking. It’s possible to put down the bottle and start a sober life worth living.