Subject: Trust
From: All there who have been trusted and deceived
Date: 30 Nov 2018

Dear ...,
It’s not been a long time that I see you. Before you, Life was just as simple it could be. I used to laugh, cry, exclaim at every single occasion life would offer me. I would open my heart out loud to the world at times by penning down my thoughts in verses or at times by sweeping texts in some chatbox. And though I intend to do the same I cannot. From an extrovert I slowly silently even without my consciousness thereby I got changed. I don’t speak nowadays, I don’t write, I don’t sing, I don’t open my heart away. And now standing at a point of nowhere in my life, I find myself standing like a rock, with a speak-ti-not on board. What could have the reason for you to gift me this?.To endure me with the sense of emotional vulnerability is no righteous of you. You would have told me once: I don’t lie, maybe I hide. But yesterday, I saw you lie to my face. Do I being the mother of your child, deserve this from you? I know perhaps I am no new to this. This has been the scenario, rather worse than this from long time ago. But why do women deserve this treatment? A question I would like to put forward to the world, to be answered,viewed and reviewed.

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