To Those Supporting My Abusers

Subject: To Those Supporting My Abusers
From: Anonymous
Date: 21 Sep 2021

All I wanted was to live a life honoring and pleasing to God. I worked hard on bettering myself despite my obstacles, and I spent my life helping other people and being there for other people. Yet people are so easily swayed by claims that are so ridiculous and outrageous about me that go against everything I believe in, they turn their backs on me. They forget about the times I’ve been there for them. The times I prayed for them, the times I tried to give them godly counsel, the times I stayed up with them at night when they were in a crisis, the times I drew them artwork to encourage them. They forget about things I have publicly said that I believe that contradict what these claims about me say. Instead they call me delusional and a pathological liar. They know nothing of my story because I’ve kept silent on it for so long; they only know by what they’ve heard from other sources who either lie or twist my story. I’m not a pathological liar either because quite frankly, I’m a terrible liar, so I generally choose not to lie. Even when I want to lie to try to get out of a situation, I choose to be honest because I know I will most likely get caught and it’ll be worse being caught in a lie than just being honest. People don’t want to look in the mirror and see the ugliness in themselves, so they choose to point it at me instead as if I’m the perpetrator. If they have sexual issues, instead of confronting themselves they’ll try to look for evidence with me and point fingers at me. If they have narcissism instead of looking at themselves they point the finger at me. If they’re abusive, instead of looking in the mirror and asking themselves why they’re doing that, they point the finger at me. Then they spread gossip and lies, and people listen to them without ever caring to hear or understand what I’m going through. They never question “is this really true or is there a different side to things?” They take their words as if Jesus Christ said them Himself. People will crucify me and burn me to the stake on what grounds? Based on gossip? Based on “well she struggles with mental illness.” Thanks for furthering the stigma there and listening to gossip that has no evidence to back it up. People don’t care about the truth anymore. They wonder why movements like the MeToo movement popped up? It’s the many people like these, who will listen to abusers and their friends gossip and if the victim tries to come out about the abuse, people say “shut up and endure. You’re the problem and just mentally ill. You’re a pathological liar and delusional because these people say so.” If anyone is the problem, it’s people like you who make it harder for victims to actually come out about the abuse they’ve been through. Even when they have evidence of abuse, you’re not willing to listen because you’re too busy either listening to the lies of the abusers or trying to wash your hands clean. No one comes out clean though, especially if the victim is forced to endure even more suffering or even dies. Make no mistake, there will be justice one day, for all victims, including myself, who have had to endure so many years of suffering at the hands of abusers; and when we went to you for help, you turned a blind eye or persecuted us instead. God will give us justice one day.