Thank Them While They're Serving

Subject: Thank Them While They're Serving
From: E.E. Laine
Date: 11 Nov 2019

If thanking a veteran for his/her service, doesn’t seem like quite enough to you, consider mailing care packages to currently deployed members of the military. A friend of mine (a U.S. Army Veteran) has coordinated care package donations the past two Novembers.
With the support of our local VFW and YMCA we collected enough snacks, socks, toiletries, etc. to produce 25+ care packages in 2018. This year we gathered enough items to fill more than 70 boxes.
- Local merchants gave money to cover shipping costs.
- Youngsters at a local daycare made pictures to enclose in each box.
- A nearby military base identified which troops will receive these care packages and provided the necessary shipping information.
- Our local post office helped to identify the most affordable, reliable shipping method.
- Other generous souls spent hours packing the boxes and completing paperwork
Sure this project takes time, planning, and legwork – plus the obligatory jumping through hoops – but think of the joy the recipients will feel knowing someone on the other side of the world (whom they’ve never met) appreciates them risking life and limb to protect the American Way of Life.
E.E. Laine, author of "Praise God for Tattered Dreams" (ISBN: 9780578033754) lives in the relatively peaceful state of Iowa with a relatively peaceful assortment of cats.