Teen Depression

Subject: Teen Depression
Date: 6 Mar 2019

Suicide is the leading cause of death for college-age youth and ages 12-18 (http://prp.jasonfoundation.com) reason for this lead in death being depression. Depression is a disease which makes a person to have a lack of energy and dislike themselves. The effects of depression are described in the book Ordinary People, about a boy named Conrad who suffers from depression and has cut and attempted to kill himself as a result of it. Showing the extent that people go to because of depression this shows that this issue needs to be addressed and more needs to be done.
Depression can strain from many different places, one of these being stress and overscheduling. Stress for teens can cause prevent them from having free time and time with friends. With the immense amount of stress and pressure put on by schools and other places, it can lead to depression. As a result of the depression in some cases, the teen may be driven to suicide. Most teens are assigned more than 3 hours of homework every night to tag onto school and after-school activities preventing them from having time to relax and time to themselves (www.health.usnews.com). Teen depression though many causes can be solved; talking to the person who has depression and offering them help is a solution to doing so. Getting the person, the help they need and be there to support them can help them get through the illness and help them recover. Being there and having the teen try and stop the things that make them upset or finding a way around it to make it better or doing things that make you happy can help (www.madailylife.com).
Depression can’t be dealt with alone and can be more damaging if left alone. You might say that teens need to find a way to deal with that on their own but when you are depressed there seems to be no hope in the person mind so another figure coming in and helping them get through it can push them to be even stronger than if they dealt with it alone (www.health.usnews.com). Getting a teen the help they need could save their life and let them it to the fullest. You might also say it is the parent’s responsibility to teach the teen about stress. Though this is about the person’s life and the parents may not notice it and the teen may not be willing to speak to their parents about the issue and having an outside trusted source like a counselor could help them deal with their problems better and save their life (Guest).
For the reasons of saving a teens life, I believe everyone should give as much of a helping hand as possible to stop depression. Depression isn’t a matter of a teens parents to deal with, it is a matter of everyone and being sure no one dies at the hands of depression. So, to save another life go and help people who have depression and help them live their life to the fullest.

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