Survivor speaks out !

Subject: Survivor speaks out !
From: Cyclebreaker
Date: 28 Mar 2018

Seems to me the narcissists and abusers have several things working to their advantage (NOT), in their twisted diabolical plans. The worst is SILENCE and ISOLATION. Parents and families who want to keep things secret lie because of shame or worse, getting caught. People either can’t fathom that someone could do such a thing (Thank God!): Or that any parent could allow it to happen to a precious child. If such a horrible truth were to be acknowledged as the travesty it is…Then surely something must be done about it!
As conscious beings we are forced to make a decision on where we stand and make a decision on what to do, or not do about sexual abuse. Unfortunately, taking a stand is just to hard for some people. Even well meaning friends and loved ones if they can’t grasp why their once sane friend/spouse is suffering from complex. P.T.S.D. in the form of violent night terrors, flashbacks and panic attacks:-( Paradoxically, while I long to be understood, no part of me wants anyone to ever feel the mental anguish I do. I would literally die before I would harm another!)
Another issue is the Justice System and its inherent flaws. The truth is that litigation when it comes to child abuse and prosecuting a pedophile is problematic at best. The whole “he said, she said” manner in which the victim must provide the entire burden of proof is insurmountable for the average person. When the victim is a child, a pedophile knows how easy it is to gain a child trust. These maniacal, narcissistic scum get off by manipulating a child's vulnerability and innocence: all the while knowing premeditatively, that their victim has no voice. This translates to the fact that most perpetrators are heinously aware that the will likely get off with few serious consequences. An evil mind looks for weaknesses in the parental system and exploits it (or worse, perpetrates it)...Anyways. Religious cults are famous for this as well. My point being that it is difficult to prosecute someone for sexual crimes, and us victims know that the prof is on us and that even if convicted, it won’t be long before heinous perverts make parole and gain opportunity to make our lives even more of a living hell!!!,no thank you. Hiding in silence is way better than exposing myself to the risk of him finding my family.
Fact: I reported the person who hurt me after finding out that he was living across the street from a daycare/preschool and was breaking in and plastering pornographic photos in the children's spaces. The owner was a Casa advocate who had testimony from 13 child victims at the Fundamental church “A.C.E. School I went to about this person and still couldn't get a conviction,due to a statute of limitations law, which is now changed, yet the evidence has timed out and is inadmissible. The detective on my “case” told me I would have better luck charging my perpetrator with statutory rape and using my own children's facebook accounts to lure him in so that we could get some evidence against him!!!
Damn twisted perverts know the legal cards are stacked in their favor and they take advantage of children's innocence whose little minds are so fragile that they dissociate and lose recollection until much later in the form of complex P.T.S.D.. Usually, after some triggering event that many who suffer recall as the day we remembered why we had forgotten our childhood.
So… we, the survivors are left “holding the bag” so to speak: with few mental health resources, especially in the United States of America. BTW if you are suicidal and reading this, don’t call 911 if you are in crisis, they will handcuff you, take you to the hospital AND send you the bill!!! There are crisis hotlines and centers all over. Find one where you are free to come and go, to choose when you need help and know when you are strong so you can fulfill the responsibilities that make you the amazing mom,employee, friend, artist,athlete…. whoever your best self is.
Meanwhile, to those of us who are enlightened, who strive hard every day to break the cycle of abuse with our own families: and SUCCEED. These are the kind of things that I know defines me and who I am as a moral human on earth. Kindness helps me to keep my karma from running over my dogma.