Something For Everyone

Subject: Something For Everyone
From: Threadbare
Date: 31 Dec 2022

I hate high waisted pants...there, I said it. I think they are the most uncomfortable and unflattering style of pants a person could buy. Now, I could care less what anyone puts on their body so long as it doesn't hurt anyone, but I don't appreciate clothing companies painting everyone into a single corner. Since when are there no longer a variety of options? Something for everyone?
I haven't been able to walk into a store and buy a new pair of pants in four years, and it's become a real problem. See when high-rise first started making a comeback a few years back, I didn't think much of it. I'd seen a hundred fashion trends come and go, never lasting longer than a year, if that. I could still find low-rise in stores, the only difference was there were a selection of high waisted pants as well. However, as time went on it became harder and harder to find jeans that were comfortable on me, so I switched to low-rise leggings (which were still widely available). A year later when I went to replace my leggings, I could only find high-rise leggings for sale. I went to several stores before I realized....they simply no longer existed. I was irritated, but again I assumed that the fad would eventually blow over.
How wrong was I? So here I am now, with four pairs of old, thin, faded, torn leggings that I wear everywhere because I literally cannot replace them.
For a little context, I have never felt comfortable in high waisted pants. The feeling of something wrapped around my waist absolutely sends me...I hate it. So much so that without realizing it, I'll suck my stomach in really hard because subconsciously I want to "get away" from the waistband. The only way I know that I do that is that after an hour or so I end up with awful stomach cramps and nausea from "sucking in" so hard.
I can't tell you how frustrated I've become at the fact that not one single clothing company makes anything in a low rise. I care a lot about my appearance, and have always had a nice wardrode, so being reduced to one option, old black leggings, is extremely frustrating. I have the means to buy nicer pants, there just aren't any to buy that are comfortable to me.
I used to be able to find them in thrift stores, but it's been so long now since any were made that they just don't show up there anymore. I've tried ordering several pairs online that claimed to be low-rise, but when I put them on the waistband is still sitting on my ribs, not on my hips like it should be. So I don't trust anything I can't try on first now.
Also, I'm aware that low-rise is currently making a "comeback". In fact, when I first heard that I literally squealed! I was so excited to finally be able to replace my old falling apart pants. However when I looked at the new "low-rise" pants, I realized that they were NOT what I remembered. I'm a woman, why would I want to wear something that looks like I raided my husband's closet? I look at what they're calling low-rise jeans and all I see are baggy, bulky, unflattering pants that still feature the extra long style zipper that likes to bunch up when you sit down.
I truly don't feel like it's asking too much for just a few companies to make even a small line of low-rise jeans. Actual low-rise. Not a 8 or 9 inch rise that they decided to call low-rise. That is mid-rise at best. I've held up a pair of high-rise jeans up next to a pair of mid-rise from the same brand, in the same size, and same cut. The difference in the rise of the jeans was less than an inch. So know that when I refer to "high-rise" pants, i don't just mean the ones labeled as such, I mean anything with a rise over 7".

I'm writing this in the hopes that someone will be able to help me out. I'm at my wits end...I need new pants and I have no idea where to get them. I don't want to sit and cry in one more dressing room knowing that I'm going to go home in my ugly well-worn leggings because there is nothing available in even one store that I can wear comfortably. I don't want to turn down invitations anymore because I know I have nothing nice wear. I have lots of nice tops, jackets, jewelry etc...but what's the point in putting any of it on to just ruin the whole look with some fucking sweatpants?
So to whoever reads this, if you have any suggestions that I haven't already covered, I would greatly appreciate them. And if somehow by some miracle this reaches someone who could actually do something about it...please do. I am absolutely not the only person who feels this way, I have talked to so many people who are also trying to wait this fad out. Some of those people are like me and simply can't stand the way they feel, for others a high waist is just unflattering on them, and I have special sympathy for those who can't wear them because for health-related reasons. The clothing industry has successfully left a whole group of people without options when it comes to buying comfortable pants.
I am in no way asking for high-rise jeans to go away...plenty of people love them! All I'm asking is that we get some variety back! Something for everyone.