So painful

Subject: So painful
Date: 4 Sep 2017
it was me; so painful

Dear you,

Its so painful to know that you are the only one who are in love to someone. Someone that never become yours, someone that you cannot call mine, someone that you never had a chance to be together, someone that you love from far even though his is to close to you.

Just walk up in the middle of my the night. All I can here is a loud cry coming from someone that feels hurt and that are in so much pain, someone that is so familiar to me. I search for it, everywhere, I looked around the room even though it was so dark inside I tried to look for that someone who cried so loud and then I stop, I tried to calm myself and then, I begun to start to hear again the voice, the voice was so loud and I can really feel the pain that he is going through. I touched him even though I cant see him, then, I told him, "You can now let go of him, just stop, pity yourself you so badly devastated by what you are doing to yourself" and the cry slows down, and suddenly brightness appears and I can see from where I am standing there was a mirror in front of me as I see my reflection, I am touching myself and I can see too much tears in my face then, I realize it was me all along. The person who cried so much, the person who are in pain is "me".