senator Tim Scott

Subject: senator Tim Scott
From: Eldorado
Date: 7 Jul 2022

Let me say this to Tim Scott who the hell are you to speak for me a Georgian citizen in voting for Herschel Walker . Herschel Walker is nothing more but a Liar & fraud with serious issues not to mention no political experience what he know about American people issues as far as jobs climate changes immigration crimes nothing he uses the same talking points as all you Republicans noting full of lies
It's embarrassing of having the only black senator in congress on television promoting a candidate from another state of Georgia for senator. Tim Scott you're nothing but a kiss a** to your Republicans party as well to former #45 it's discussing of seeing you promoting Herschel Walker for senator in Georgia . I can't speak for the rest of Georgians but, I can speak for myself personally F*ck Herschel Walker for senator to represent Georgia . Herschel is being used as a puppet by white Republicans as a yes man to whatever agenda that Republicans want to do congress whether raising taxes against the poor taking away Healthcare social security etc f*ck Tim Scott & The Republicans party !