To The Rest of the World

Subject: To The Rest of the World
From: An Observer
Date: 13 Jun 2017

I've spent the past decade and a half of my existence in a small area where there is more prevelency for agriculture than other people. So please forgive the case if it may be that of ill-conceived backwoods manners. My general involvement in the world around myself is that I exist in the space I currently occupy and nothing more, I do not change the planet's rotation by walking down the street. I do not save lives by taking my dogs for a walk. And yet, I am a human and I have a mind and heart that think and feel, just as you do. I personally believe that part of our issue as a species is we forget that all we are 100% proven to have is each other, 7.5 billion brothers and sisters. With those numbers, no human should be lonely or rejetted by their own kin right? Yet we spend all of our time butchering each other, or preparing to do so. Every person has a conciousness and emotions about them, that is what defines us as a species. The day we lose sight of that ( and we have begun already) will be the day of our downfall. And dear family member, we will all fall when that happens so please, remember all men may not be created equally in character but we are in form and potential. Sincerely, An Observer