Republican Senate

Subject: Republican Senate
From: a Republican
Date: 5 Mar 2022

I am writing to ask you to not pass one more penny for the Bidens newest request. The government, over the years, has passed mountains of frivolous requests that are funded by the people. It is time to go back and clean house. Go thru all of those items, put an end to each and put the money back into Ukranian funded assistance.
Biden has been doing his best to completely destroy the United States. He has cut off our Keystone pipeline and buying it from Russia and now he's looking at Iran. It is time for the Senate and the house to put an end to this. You must find a way to illiminate purchases from foreign adversaries. The price of gas and all of the other items that are affected is strangling the people who are not in the Billionaire Club.
It is time for the republicans to be the heros of the american people.. Bring back our domestic fuel and lower grocery items.
I've heard the theory that Biden is losing it, he doesn't get it, he's not all there. Gentlemen stop making excuses for him. He is implementing each and every item that is clearly going to bring our country down.
We need you to step up. Do what is right for the average American. It is time to end the pocket lining known as government. It has gone on way to long.
Put the people above greed.