Re: Gun Violence: To Everybody in The United States of America

Subject: Re: Gun Violence: To Everybody in The United States of America
From: CJ G
Date: 16 Feb 2018

Greetings all,

As many of us here in the good ole United States of America, and undoubtedly around the world, have noticed, we have a serious issue in this country. Our children are killing each other, and it's out of control. Some people call this a gun issue while others will call it a mental health issue. I am going to go ahead and call this a respect and a discipline issue, if not also an anger issue.

I will do my best not to make this political, and I will not disclose which side of the aisle I favor here. This is an issue that is facing us all, and ripping a divide between us further all the time. I have a few thoughts that have been floating around in my head on how to help resolve this issue and hopefully bring about some unity, and it all boils down to proper education, because truth be told, 'thoughts and prayers' are not cutting it, and an all out ban won't work.

Firstly, let's get our children acquainted with discipline, self respect, self control, and a way to protect themselves without resorting to weaponry by replacing at least one PE class per week with martial arts classes in grades K through 5.

Secondly, let's get our kids properly educated on guns by replacing at least one PE class per week with classes on proper gun handling, use, and safety, within a strictly controlled environment of course, in grades 6 through 8. Perhaps part of the graduation requirement of this program could include a field trip to the morgue to see a victim of gun violence first hand, although this particular item is certainly debatable.

Thirdly, let's see our lawmakers draft and enact some reasonable and sensible gun legislation and accountability laws, which shall not be designed to ban guns, but which will help to ensure that guns don't make it into the wrong hands.

I know some people may be curious as to how this will be paid for. My reverse ask for them is: how much more are we willing to pay with the lives of our children before solutions are looked at?

I know some people may not want their children to have anything to do with guns, even in an educational and controlled environment. My reverse ask there is: wouldn't you rather your children be properly educated on these things, especially if it will go towards a safer future, than to be ignorant to them?

I implore everybody who reads this to consider it seriously, talk about it, debate it with others, start thinking outside of the box for other potential solutions that will work towards solving this issue and strengthening a regrettably shattered and broken country.

Let's work together to find and implement solutions.

Thank you.