Racism in the FBI

Subject: Racism in the FBI
From: Maurice Dosso
Date: 5 Mar 2021


P.O.Box 1509, West Virginia 25402. Tel (301) 250-5096; Email: [email protected]

Open Letter to the President of the United States of America

March 04, 2021

The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
The White House
Washington, DC

Re: Maurice Dosso v. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, US District Court For
The District of Columbia Case No.1:19-cv-01009-APM; US Court of Appeals
For The District of Columbia Circuit Case No.20-5217

Dear Mr. President:

During the presidential campaign last year you acknowledged America’s systematic and institutional racism and you promised, among other things, to address it as President. This acknowledgment by one of our leaders and public officials at the highest level was unprecedented and it came as a total surprise to me as I am sure it was to a lot of other Black folks.

The above-referenced case is a prime and perfect example of America’s systemic and institutional racism. This is an employment matter. I was the sole candidate. I was in competition with no other candidate. I was the best and most qualified candidate for the job. All other candidates failed the FBI’s job skills test. The FBI was desperate to find a qualified candidate. The FBI recruiter Michael E. Snyder pretty much begged me to go take the job skills test to see if I was good enough to pass it before I reluctantly agreed viewing it as a service to the country. Otherwise I was in the middle of a divorce, getting out of a bad marriage, I had my post-divorce plans for a new life and I was not really interested in another unknown adventure with the FBI after a marriage which I thought at the time was the biggest mistake of my life – not turning down FBI recruiter Michael E. Snyder is now my biggest mistake ever, I regret it everyday and I will regret this for the rest of my life. I took and passed the job skills test and successfully completed all other steps of the employment process with the Federal Bureau of Investigation including fingerprints, endless paperwork and security questionnaires, polygraph, Personnel Security Interview (PSI), in-home visit by an FBI Special Agent, etc.

If I were White and not Black, I would be working for the FBI right now. Most likely I would have been working for the FBI since at least the end of 2017 beginning of 2018. And even if I didn’t get the job, I should and would have been able to resume my old normal and ordinary life if I were White. In lieu of working for the FBI or going back to my old ordinary life, I became a target, a hunted man. These spoiled mostly White FBI agents and employees kicked in America’s historic evil: the White Privilege. They asserted their historic white privilege right to harass, bully, torment, traumatize and destroy a Black man who refuses to fall in line and dares say no to the FBI. Just as Blacks were once hunted down by Whites for simply saying no. They couldn't hunt me down like in the old days, but they sure did just about everything else cowardly using technology to accomplish the same thing as the old slave peddlers. They wouldn't take no for an answer and they wouldn't leave me alone. Saying no to these FBI White men appeared to amount to a crime of lèse-majesté, an insult to the emperor. More than anything and anybody else, I blame FBI Director Christopher Wray for the near hunted slave like experience I went and am still going through with the FBI unable to get the FBI to leave me alone. This happens on his watch and he is one of the named defendants in the lawsuit. America will never achieve racial equity, justice or equal opportunity for all with Mr. Wray’s kind of leadership. Mr. Wray should be aware of all my complaints and attempts to get his FBI to leave me alone and he should have done something early on to put an end to it. He didn’t. Mr. Wray’s failure to act and lead amounted to implicit or explicit consent for his agents to continue tormenting me and to continue violating my most basic rights to this day. As far as I am concerned Director Wray is to be blamed more than anybody else for all my pain and suffering.

Since at least early 2018 I am the subject of daily provocations, torment, harassment, persecution, bullying, intimidation, undue influence, express and implied threats, invasion of privacy, illegal wiretaps, intentional infliction of emotional torture, distress and mental anguish, among other abuses and violations, coming from racist and thuggish FBI personnel. I have been violated by the FBI in any way and every way possible and imaginable. Any and every right I have since I was born has been violated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Nearly all my civil and constitutional rights, as simply a human being living under US laws, has been violated. I won’t even mention my US citizenship because I now know it means nothing if you are Black. The FBI both criminally and tortiously interfered with everything and every aspect of my life making it impossible to have a normal life, start or run a business, or pursue opportunities or projects since early 2018. All my post-divorce plans are down the drain and I now ask myself everyday what was the point of divorcing to get away from a bad spouse and make plans for a new and better life only to end up in the jaws of an evil organization. It’s like running and hiding from the wolf only to discover you are hiding in the bear’s den and you find yourself facing the bear. What I ran from now seems a better alternative than what I ran into.

I filed a lawsuit against the FBI and I have been litigating against the FBI starting in the US District Court for the District of Columbia since at least April 2019. Before suing I resorted to all kinds of public and elected officials to tell the FBI I am no longer interested in its job and that I want to be left totally and completely alone, to no avail. Last year I wrote all leaders in the House and the Senate. My life has been destroyed, turned upside down, irreversibly and irreparably damaged since accepting to test for an FBI job. My health has suffered tremendously and I developed in the interim medical conditions which I didn’t have before and which I attribute to the stress and constant anger triggered by the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness in the face of grave injustice, racial persecution and oppression by one of the most powerful agencies on the planet. The hellish FBI job experience and the ensuing and endless FBI harassment and persecution for years wondering and not knowing what the FBI wants can cause a man’s premature demise.

What the FBI has put me through in the last three or so years no one will ever know and I cannot wish upon the devil himself. The hellish better-than-fiction FBI job experience would have been more than enough to drive most men insane. And the US Attorney’s Office in DC did in fact use “the crazy plaintiff defense” in its court filings suggesting to the court that I am “crazy” and I made up all allegations of abuses, wrongdoings and discrimination against the FBI. As if there were a single Black man in America that wants to pick a fight with the mighty FBI. The courage and fearlessness I show now standing up to the mighty FBI is the same one, I imagine, Ms. Rosa Parks felt when she refused to give up her seat: they push you, they push you, they push you and push you ... when you’ve done nothing wrong but only because you’re Black and when you get tired of being racially pushed around you start to fight back and you don’t even think of the consequences anymore. I got so tired and fed up with taking abuses from the FBI that I forgot it’s the FBI and I started to fight back. Everyone at DOJ and in the US Attorney’s Office in DC who has access to the FBI files in this case knows or ought to know that the FBI was way out of line and that I was in fact seriously abused and violated. And all those US Attorneys who aided and abetted the FBI in its unjustified and unwarranted racial persecution of me arguing to the court that everything is the product of my imagination have no honor, no integrity, and they do not deserve to serve as US Attorneys if we are to work toward achieving racial justice in this country. The argument itself is futile, desperate, grotesque and meritless because I am the same and sole candidate who passed the FBI job skills test, I passed my polygraph, went through fingerprints, in-home FBI investigative visit, endless paperwork and security questionnaires, Personnel Security Interview (PSI), etc. I wasn’t crazy then. I am crazy now, according to DOJ and the US Attorney in the District of Columbia, because I am exposing the darker side of the FBI which the public and most folks are not aware of.

To this day I receive calls and messages each and every single day on each of my phones for the sole purpose of harassing and persecuting me. I change phones and phone numbers as folks change clothes and it doesn’t matter how many phones or phone numbers I have and change I keep getting these annoying and frustrating relentless calls and messages. I no longer feel safe or comfortable living in the US and it is almost inevitable that I will have to seek refuge or asylum in another country in order to rebuild my life and escape this FBI psychotic and psychopathic conduct. But before I am forced to abandon my life here and go start afresh in a new country as a refugee or asylee, I will not go quietly and I will make sure to expose the Federal Bureau of Investigation under its true color and face.

The FBI is not what most people – including me before 2017 – think. The FBI is just as racist as the rest of them if not more. I sit down everyday and ask myself why and how it can be impossible to say no to a prospective employer and how did I find myself in the mess that I am in right now. I blame myself everyday for not sticking with my primal instinct to say no when the FBI job recruiter Michael E. Snyder first called me on January 17, 2017. Regardless of how this matter ends I will regret for the rest of my life not having turned down Mr. Snyder because of everything his FBI put me through. At the height of the racial persecution over this job I felt like a runaway slave because the FBI simply would not leave me alone. I felt deep and profound pain and anger, the kind a person can feel only when you hurt all the way down to your soul. I felt empty, helpless, hopeless, and wonder if this was truly happening in the United States of America. No public or elected official I contacted really provided substantial help to stop the FBI’s misconduct and wrongdoings. I went through other feelings and emotions which I will not discuss publicly. However, it seemed unambiguously and abundantly clear at times that the FBI wanted me and my story to go away. One thing the FBI cares more about than anything else is its public image, its false and mistaken public image as the house of righteous men. It is not. The FBI spent the whole time during job interviews lecturing me about integrity and the importance of having integrity while working for the agency but these guys have no integrity themselves. They lie, they cheat and they do everything that they lock other people up for. I know I have more integrity than most of these guys because I could never engage in all the extrajudicial wrongdoings they did but they are Whites and they enjoy America’s historic White Privilege. So they get to work for the FBI in spite of lacking the integrity indispensable for the job while I get to be racially persecuted because I am Black and historically in America I am a prey.

Legal and political careers are built in the United States on “tough on crimes” messages often at the expense of poverty stricken Black and Brown defendants and sometimes for petty crimes. In the case referenced above they look after each other. They scratch each other’s back and try to cover up for the criminals within the FBI who violate my most basic rights everyday. They stick together like wolf-packs and no one wants to investigate the serious allegations I raise against the FBI; after all I am just another Black man. The US Attorney’s Office in the District of Columbia, DOJ personnel and others spent the whole time lying in court filings to cover up FBI heinous crimes against me. They are all cowards because they wear badges and take an oath pretending to be justice officials while committing cowardly and senseless crimes against a private citizen over a job, in violation of their respective oaths of office. If the tables were turned and I were accused of the crimes which I am accusing the FBI of, these same judges gladly would have made me feel the full weight of American justice, as they do most Black defendants, just to maintain their reputation as “no nonsense tough on crimes judges.” This is our story as Black and Brown men in America, even in the 21st century. This is America’s hypocrisy; the sad reality of the country we live in. Though Black I am a human being, I have rights and I am entitled to justice when my rights are violated and that is why I am writing this letter to our President, “where the buck stops.”

What hurts most is the Courts’ barely veiled and inelegant attempt to whitewash these FBI crimes against me under the most absurd and fallacious pretense that I initiated my discrimination complaint late, for employment-related civil and constitutional rights violations which are continuous in nature, never stopped and still continue to this day. The courts are the real problem of Blacks in America when it comes to racism, racial discrimination and most singularly law-enforcement misconduct. As long as they can get away with it in the courts, what is to stop law enforcement officials from continuously violating the rights of Blacks? After everything the FBI put me through what is to stop it from behaving worse than it has already done when all cases against it are summarily dismissed under the most absurd justice whitewash pretexts. This is why the President should and would properly order clear and unambiguous additional administrative policies, measures, guidelines and directives to ensure no other federal job candidate goes through what I went through with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or any other federal agency.

I was involved in a single car accident in December 2019. Single car accidents do happen, however, based on the threats and death threat messages I received a few days before, how the car behaved and stopped responding leading up to the severe crash that left me with permanent injuries and large medical bills, I am personally convinced that the car was sabotaged. And it is my firm belief that the FBI was behind it. I accuse the FBI. I have already warned and informed everybody around me including my children that if anything happens to me the FBI is to blame. It is not a good feeling to tell your preteen and teen kids that the FBI is trying to kill you over a job but I had to do because I am Black. That also is part of the experience of being Black in America, even in this 21st century, as unfathomable as it may sound.

Thus far every US agency and federal authority contacted has refused to investigate my racist and nightmarish job experience with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As our new President who previously acknowledged racism as a problem and promised to address it, I believe this is a good case to start. I was the sole qualified candidate. I believe a full investigation is warranted and should be launched and all those FBI personnel who violated my civil and constitutional rights repeatedly and cowardly should be identified and brought to justice. Your administration should ensure this never again happens to another Black candidate or any candidate for that matter.

I am in litigation with the FBI and there is more to come but should the results and findings of investigations confirm my allegations of multiple and repeated misconduct and wrongdoings by FBI and DOJ personnel, I hope and pray your administration will take all appropriate administrative corrective and remedial measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again, punitive measures against the culprit FBI and DOJ personnel, and remedial and compensatory measures for my injuries, damages, pain and suffering.

Last but not least, Blacks in America deserve consideration and equal treatment. In any other reputable and respectable organization a sole candidate qualified for a position the organization needs desperately to fill will be afforded some regard and consideration and perhaps more in order to entice the candidate to embrace the job and the organization. When I became fed up with FBI racism and wanted out and wanted to withdraw my candidacy, FBI employee Denise G. Compher of the Winchester, VA, Field Office asked me to put my request in writing. I did in an email addressed to her on Monday, June 11, 2018, at exactly 1:17 PM Eastern Time. No means No and that formal written request to withdraw my candidacy should have been the end of any and all employment relationship and contacts between the FBI and myself. What followed instead is racial persecution; there is no other word to describe it. What I have suffered and endured and continue to this day to suffer and endure at the hands of the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation is racial persecution and it needs to stop. I am also hopeful and pray, Mr. President, that you will personally intervene in this case and ensure that my years-long racial persecution by the United States’ and Director Wray’s Federal Bureau of Investigation come to an end, stop completely, as to make me feel safe to remain in the United States as a US citizen.

Respectfully yours,

Maurice Dosso