President Biden who can give $40 Billion to a foreign country, and $1.3 Billion of pallets of food and baby formula to illegal aliens, but lets American children and babies go hungry MUST be impeached. Enough is Enough!

Subject: President Biden who can give $40 Billion to a foreign country, and $1.3 Billion of pallets of food and baby formula to illegal aliens, but lets American children and babies go hungry MUST be impeached. Enough is Enough!
From: An outraged father
Date: 12 May 2022

Joe Biden is a bumbling, incompetent, and demented fool who never should have stepped foot in the White House. Overwhelming evidence in the documentary "2000 MULES" proves beyond doubt that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and stolen. Whether you love or hate Trump makes no difference because under Trump, no American mother had to spend hours every day trying to find baby formula to feed her baby!

Since Biden stepped foot into the White House, he has followed the selfish guidance of his far left radical handlers, most probably headed by Obama, and put our once great nation into an economic nose dive. He has brought anxiety and suffering to every American family, using the fabricated COVID Plandemic to bully us with his "winter of death" fear mongering. He was so "concerned" about COVID that he allowed almost 1 million illegal aliens to enter America without testing a single one of them for TB much less COVID!

Inflation that is now the worst in American history is "transitory" in his foggy, demented mind, and the idiot wants to spend even more money to pour gas on the fires he started. We are headed towards a nation-wide food shortage, and his adviser simply want to censor reality with a new "Ministry of Truth"! In less than 2 years he has lied to the American people 139 times and is on track to break George W. Bush's record of 347 lies.

His crack-head son Hunter and his corrupt adventures in Russia, Ukraine, and China has compromised not only his father but the national security of America. The FBI deliberately turns a blind eye while Attorney General Garland Merrick only enforces the laws that Joe Biden likes, and ignores the rest as he silently condones the mob that is threatening our Supreme Court Justices. This may be normal for Russia, but damn it, we live in America! Have you read the emails on Hunter Biden's laptop? Even the New York Times confirmed they are real, yet nobody is arrested! There is now no doubt that the Biden family was paid at least $31 million in bribes so why is he still our president?

Likewise violent crime in our cities has almost doubled since his election with unprovoked attacks on citizens by gangs taking place every day while Biden refuses to offer any solution. He allows convicted killers and rapists to be released from prisons 5-10 years before their official release dates. Kids are being shot and killed while he hides in his ivory tower - totally isolated from the hell he has created - blaming everything and and everyone except himself.

He won't allow Ukraine to win their war with Russia yet keeps provoking a desperate Putin who has the world's largest arsenal of nuclear weapons. Our fate and children's future rest in the hands of an 87 year old moron who can't remember his own wife's name! 75% of Americans say "NO WAR WITH RUSSIA" yet he keeps pushing our nation in that direction. Are you all okay with this status quo?

Even today, there are still over 600 American citizens trapped in Afghanistan who claim the U.S. State Department will not return their phone calls, so they must rely on U.S. military veterans to help arrange their escape to safety. Seriously, do you think any other president would have abandoned these Americans? With Joe Biden as president it is to have a positive outlook about America's future and that of my own family. I am 59 years old, and have never seen our nation so neglected and mismanaged.

If you truly love your children, get off your ass, and become a pro-active citizen. Call and write your Congress person and Senator and send them letters demanding that the 25th Amendment or impeachment proceedings be launched without delay. Joe Biden is a walking failure, and is compromising the national security of America. I close by reminding you of President Obama's own assessment of his former Vice President... "Never underestimate the ability of Joe Biden to f*ck things up."

There is nothing more dangerous than a liar in the white house who cannot even remember the lies he told us last month. I urge every parent in America to rise up and speak out NOW and again in November. WE THE PEOPLE must not let this lying. corrupt, fool drive our bus even another day. Enough is Enough!