The Postcard

Subject: The Postcard
From: Norwegian Majesty
Date: 16 Nov 2023

I received your postcard.
I got the number written down.
I called but you were not there.
I was too busy to work and travel.
I forgot to reply you.
What a shame!

I left your postcard behind on another continent.
I regret it over and over again.
I need to fly a night and two days to get it.
I have to search among treasures.
I wish I could and recalled those numbers.
What a shame!

I now feel guilty and regret.
I am just a fool with deep wound inside.
I wish I listened to Bermuda when it called.
I just kept sailing away from it to see more.
What a shame!

I wish I could apologize to you for a fool of me.
I wish I could show you the empty space in me.
I wish I could see the joy in your beautiful soul. 
I wish there will be another round from universe.
I still have to fly across the continent for your postcard.
I lost it means I lost you.
I have to write that I miss you, too.
What a shame of me!