Celebrating 7 Years Of Freedom.

Subject: Celebrating 7 Years Of Freedom.
From: A Free Soul.
Date: 3 Sep 2023

Freedom is priceless. Its value is immeasurable, and one can truly appreciate the attributes of this gift, especially when not entangled in potentially toxic relationships. Over these seven years, I have been able to relish the joy of being single, dedicating myself to pursuing what truly interests me, and not having anyone around (especially from the category of narcissists and egocentrics) capable of draining every ounce of energy from me. Today, I celebrate my release from any responsibilities that God might have ever assigned to me concerning people who may have reached the point of praying to Him to feel better (probably "at my expense"). Apparently, I didn't come into this world for such things. Curiously, I don't feel disadvantaged at all for this reason. On the contrary, I feel very fortunate instead. Today, I want to celebrate the path I have chosen to take, the journey (and the choice) I have charted with the total exercise of my free will. Today, in a sense, I also celebrate everything I've left behind, knowing well that I will never relive it. No mind tricks and no fragments of memories from the past can actually bother me: ahead of me, I only have my goals and my future to reach. Happy Birthday, Freedom!!!