No One Like Her

Subject: No One Like Her
From: An Admirer
Date: 3 Sep 2022

I thought for a long time before writing this letter, and I almost didn't want to. We don't know each other, but you could never imagine how much you have done for me just by existing. I have never seen even one episode of Game of Thrones, yet I can safely call myself "another fish caught in your net." This is also because I have seen all the films in the Terminator Saga. In fact, I am one of those people in the world who can claim to know about the existence of Game of Thrones because of Emilia Clarke and not vice versa. Yes, because you, Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke, are capable of becoming like an irresistible drug to anyone who even casually crosses your facial lineaments. This is nothing. Not only are you beautiful and you have rightly been voted the sexiest woman on the planet, but you have such a perfect, piercing smile that is able to instill an infinity of joy, good cheer and hope even on the darkest days a person can experience in the course of his or her existence. I was a physically and emotionally broken person after having to give up on a woman, and I had become incapable of genuine feelings. But then you came along. If you were not so genuinely human, in its strongest sense, you would be just an ordinary mind in a beautiful body, but incapable of doing what you actually did. You are much more than the 157 centimeters of height (which I adore) that many arrogant, mediocre and envious people simply want to see in you. Morally and empathically you are a giant. Something they can never be. You did well not to react to provocation: sometimes it is the best way to "get back at" people who don't even deserve a second of our time. After all, there is always something better we can do. For my part, even though we may never meet, I will continue to admire the infinite beauty, the good and supportive character of an extraordinary woman who was able, without even wanting to, to bring sunshine back into my life after a long rain and to make me realize that I simply went through a bad experience. Life goes on...