Please let our children play! Open access

Subject: Please let our children play! Open access
From: Parents in Parkgate Society Community
Date: 6 Nov 2020

Greetings! On behalf of the children enrolled in the programs operated by the Parkgate Society, we are requesting access to the gym and/or dance studio facilities at the Parkgate Community Centre.

Prior to the implementation of COVID 19 policies, children in the care of the Parkgate Society were permitted to use the large gym and dance studios for playtime. We no longer have access to these facilities that provide a safe location for play during the dark and wet winter months.

Activity levels for children have plunged since COVID restrictions have been put in place. Fitness facilities are open and classes have resumed at the Parkgate Community Centre for adults. Why have our requests for access to the large gym or dance studio been denied? There must be a solution that would enable our children to increase their physical activity levels with the use of these spaces.

North Vancouver Recreation and Culture, we are requesting that you engage in meaningful dialogue with the Parkgate Society for the purpose of designing an action plan that would allow our children to use the Parkgate Community Center gym and/or dance studios.

Thank you,

Parents, community members, and individuals who care about the health and well-being of young people.