Plan And Prepare NOW for the False Flag Cyber Attack that the Deep State will use to sabotage and delay our 2024 Presidential Elections and blame on China or Russia

Subject: Plan And Prepare NOW for the False Flag Cyber Attack that the Deep State will use to sabotage and delay our 2024 Presidential Elections and blame on China or Russia
From: A Retired FAA Air Traffic Controller and Military Veteran
Date: 7 Mar 2024

Greetings fellow-Americans. I am posting this urgent notice as a military veteran and former Air Traffic Controller with a security clearance to inform you of an unpleasant event that will disrupt your life and mine later this year. I have lived abroad for many years and acquired this information from friendships I made overseas. Next year I will fully identify myself but for now my message to you is far more important...

Someone I know in a foreign government position and known to be very reliable and serious, has asked me to warn the American public that the Deep State is planning to indefinitely delay the 2024 Presidential elections with a "false flag" cyber attack that will put all or most of America into a "prolonged blackout lasting months". Without electricity, there will be very limited refrigeration, public transportation, no television nor internet services, hospital services, banking, and as a result there will be mass chaos and panic after the black-out goes beyond a week. This staged event is planned to definitely delay the U.S. presidential elections and give President Biden the legal grounds to declare martial law and a national emergency to justify his extended presidency. The emergency will be real but self-generated by the same people who unleashed COVID upon the world that created the sudden "need" for mail-in ballots.

Over a million small businesses will be forced to suspend or close their operations and the public confusion and anxiety will not only affect our equities and commodities markets, but cause food and fuel prices to soar. Then the thefts will grow out of control and police will be preoccupied protecting their own families - not ours. Americans living in fear will not make wise decisions and they will rush to collect their monies from the banks. Those with thousands of dollars invested in crypto-currencies will have no way to trade or liquidate them if they have no internet access. A nation without daily news will become an unstable nation of chaos. As crime grows more rampant, only armed preppers living on farmlands and outside the cities will be able to endure this crisis.

There’s a real threat to national and homeland security that could bring the U.S. power grid to a dangerous standstill for weeks, months, or even years. And this often-overlooked threat requires only limited resources. Both DHS and the DOE submitted reports to the DoD and DIA that an EMP attack is inevitable and may come via a rocket, balloon, missile, or even a commercial airliner or private jet at any time. But the convenient timing of this crisis will most likely be in October of this year.

No, I am not trying to alarm you, but to prepare you that this event is coming and our beloved government will surely blame either Russia, China or both to incite us for the war they want to launch/expand to keep themselves in power. If we prepare now, we can survive an EMP attack, but only by educating ourselves, and not depending on an incompetent and almost indifferent government to save us.

During this black-out crisis we can expect our rights and freedoms to be abused or even suspended and the FBI's Division 5 will exploit the situation to arrest "suspected spies", protesters, or simply outspoken critics of the current Biden administration. Habeas Corpus and court proceedings will all be suspended until electricity is restored nation-wide, and all those FEMA detention centers built over the last 15 years will be put to use as "emergency housing". Armed citizens will logically have a better chance of surviving any riots that may erupt.

Whether you believe this warning or not is up to you, but just tuck it away in your memory so that if and when the blackouts happen you are not so quick to believe we were attacked by a foreign power. Also know that in fact, our government has allowed and even fabricated other such attacks in the past that ignited the anger of Americans to go to war based on lies. Not only am I talking about Saddam's invisible WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) but also the fraud used to drag America into the Vietnam War

It is still not clear if the black-outs will be nation-wide, regional, or rolling from coast to coast. That will be determined by the Deep State executives whose hackers are some of the best in the world. If and when I get more information, I will update this thread, and also post at and at as user CyberSentrySam. Again if you read up on EMP attacks you have plenty of time to prepare so you do not lose your savings, home, health, nor life. God bless America and help us purge our nation of the evil that lurks within.