a person that I cause harm

Subject: a person that I cause harm
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 5 Feb 2019

To one person

I like to say that I'm sorry & regret that I cause you & your family any harm I'm sincerely regret my actions against you. You're been very nice by giving me your autograph by the way whenever I watch you on doing interviews getting a view of your amazing legs that was a treat for me thank you very much you know who you are. I had no right to write letters to you or emails to your place of business not to mention calling your home frightened your daughter I was wrong & you had every right to take actions against me for my unprofessionalism actions against you. I know why I did what I did maybe out of anger against you because I thought you came off as very arrogate thinking you're better than anyone else. It was this one story you did that rub me the wrong is when you presented this story about hallmark giving out greetings cards to those that was unemployed you're discussing along with your news team in which I thought & still do think that you're making light about people being unemployed getting greeting cards. Still it was no reason for me to attack you contacting you at your place of business nor your home so once again I do regret my actions against you & your love ones hoping someday maybe not now or in several years for now but, someday I hope you're accept my sincere regrets & apology for the harm I cause you personal & professionally that all I have to say !
Eldorado Walters