people of the police force

Subject: people of the police force
Date: 5 Mar 2018

A call for awareness. To all citizens:
Blue Lives Matter. Naturally the audience of this letter would start with the police officers. All of Law Enforcement throughout the United States of America. Local, State and Federal agencies. Families and friends would be included as well. I would like for all citizens to act on behalf of this important movement. Thant my not be likely, but I would want leaders of communities and others in authority to work on behalf of Blue Lives Matter. Families can act for change as well. Families can talk and learn from each other.
I write this paper and think through this problem myself first and then to my fellow citizens and community leaders to do the same. So many other movements get more public media and social media time. But why? All lives matter. Police are acting on our behalf. Working a job that actually protects our lives. Just by going to work every day they are saying we, the citizens of their cities, matter. Our lives matter.
The incident in Dallas, TX in July of 2016 brought the movement to higher awareness. Five officers shot and killed by a sniper and an entire police force attacked. Dallas had been a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. Shouldn’t we all be on the sides of both movements? New laws are slow to be initiated. Old laws supporting the safety of Law Enforcement Officers need to be enforced.
Hysteria, false accusations and scapegoating happen within our society just as it did centuries ago with the original “witch hunts”. In a 21st century view are the police the hunted or considered the hunters? People are afraid and people follow others for a feeling of belonging. It is the groups we choose to follow that increase our chaos and hysteria or can give us a sense of community and understanding.