Subject: Patty
From: Anonymous
Date: 12 Nov 2018

Please don't hate me for this, but I need to get all of my feelings out. I love you so much, and I miss you like crazy. You have the biggest heart out of anyone that I've ever known. All I want to do is be around you every hour of each day. You are such a marvelous person, and it's a privilege to know you. It's not the same at PALS at all with you gone. I would give anything in the universe to see that magnetic smile again. Please please please please please please please, come home. I miss you soo much. I know living in L.A. and being famous is your dream, but your my dream. Even though we can't be together for a myriad of different reasons, I still love you more than anything in the world, and all I want is for you to come home.

( you probably know who I am though.)