Our Friends with Benefits Set-up

Subject: Our Friends with Benefits Set-up
From: Miss Representation
Date: 20 Mar 2018

You are an epitome of a gentleman with oozing sex appeal, vehemently sought after by woman from all walks of life. When I first laid eyes to an almost perfect creation made by God who happened to be you, my heart palpitated very fast.

I was never attracted nor even imagined I am going to sleep with you til it actually happened... not once, not twice but a lot of times! I am not that type person who likes to sleep around but you are damn good in bed that makes me wanna do it again and again and experiment anything under the sun.

You text or call me only when you need something, I realized that a midnight or any late night text messages are booty call but since I like you, I will rush and come to you after you had sent me a message or after hanging up the phone.

I had agreed with this arrangement so I have no right to complain, I am ignoring any emotions that I feel as I don't want to lose you.

I saw you with another girl, I hide cos I don't want you to know that I saw you. I saw you swiping right on the dating app while my head is on your shoulder. But at the end of the day, who am I to complain?

I thought it'll only be a one night stand and I'll forget you afterwards but now I am confused with what I feel. Now, I have decided that I will always be there when you need me irregardless of the fact that I am already losing my self respect because I decided to be your bitch.

Its not only the sex, your good humor, kindness, smart and caring which made me really attracted in you... your looks is only a bonus!

I hope someday you'll feel the same way, if not I will always be your one call away girl whenever you need something.

Miss Representation