An open letter to YOU:

Subject: An open letter to YOU:
From: A.A.
Date: 18 Jul 2018

What keeps you up at night? What haunts your dreams, maybe even while your awake? Would you admit it? Is it something that happened to you or because of you? Are you afraid to let it define you? You run, and you run but do you know where your going? There’s a conflict within yet the more you try to understand the cloudier it gets. AM I HERE TO BREATH ONLY? Your plagued with the mistakes… the what if’s…. what could be’s… But you’re not meant to live in the past, you’re not meant to worry for the future. Your mistakes are great and your meant for the HERE and NOW! Everything that has happened to you defines you, whether you admit… whether you let that sink in, you are what your afraid of. Some days looking into the mirror is the hardest thing to do. Seems impossible to let you see…. You, but that’s what your meant for… You have a power. A fricken Super Hero power waiting to be released. Unlock it. Fight for it. Everything you need is in your heart. Society can label you, people can place judgement. But you, you know what you need. And it might be terrifying, you WILL cry and make mistakes and hurt and feel betrayed, But it’s all OKAY. Because your you and that’s one amazing person to be. So, live for today. Search your soul and accept those fears. Let them drive you where your going and just hold on tight because one thing you can promise yourself… once you do those things… It’s one hell of a ride. Everything you wanted and more.