Open letter to the world

Subject: Open letter to the world
From: Justin Andre Lamoureux
Date: 1 Jan 2021

We are at a crossroads right now. The Globalist Elite have created a situation to further their agenda that seeks to take all individual rights away through fear and dependence on governments. While they have done a great job creating this situation it has had a side effect in our favor, people all over the world have snapped out of their slumber and awakened to the harsh reality of what is really going on. They are banking on people thinking we are past the point of no return and just going along to survive. With the implementation of ID2020 technology in vaccination and internet service providersrefusing service to anyone without a vaccine certificates, voices like mine will soon be censored completely so I have decided to write this letter and offer a better option, one that will conserve natural resources, eliminate world hunger, give every person on Earth individual rights and autonomy, eliminate 3rd world living conditions and hunger worldwide, create a better global economy that promotes Unity rather than division and advancement of civilization rather than competition for fiat currencies. Silence is consent so make no mistake about it, you now have to make a decision to stand up and do something or allow these invisible chains to put on you and your progeny. It will be much harder to do something about this in the very near future but please remember we can always do something about this. All tyranny needs to keep it’s foothold is for good people to do nothing and for people to trade their rights for a little politically promised security. When I was growing up it was common knowledge that like the wizard of Oz and his balloon, all politicians were full of hot air and empty promises. Do not allow a little manufactured fear to make you forget this, no matter what the basis of fear might be you must remember tyranny is dependent on that fear. So if we are not going to go along with their agenda what else can we do to create a better world? I am writing to you now to give you my version of a better world though I hope it evokes solutions from others to add to it and refine these thoughts. Make no mistake a “new normal” is coming, we all have to decide if we are going to let a small handful of evil men create that new normal or if we will step up and take advantage of this small window of opportunity before the sheep go back to sleep. Here are my thoughts on the matter:1. As Lord Acton so accurately put it: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, Great men are almost always bad men.”With this in mind, going forward it would seem obvious we should automate government. If you take the human element out of government you take out the corruption as well. So all that needs to be done is to agree on a form of government that works for everyone. While there are many ideals of socialism that appeal to human empathy it has been a failure in every application due to it’s lack of individual rights and it’s award of absolute power. I am confident that all socialists and communists will find my ideas to be a better application of those ideals they bought into though I will touch on those more in theeconomic section. While there are those in the world that hate the United States because of what it has become it is an undeniable fact that the constitutional republic(NOT a Democracy), as it was founded, created the most freedom and individual rights than any other form of government. It just got hijacked and corrupted along the way turning the United States into a bully serving the elite agenda of rule through perpetual reconstruction created through banker and corporate wars. My proposal for automating government is to come up with a global constitutional republic that grants everyone those same individual rights the United States was founded on and build a computer system that employs the assurance and protection of those rights through autonomous policing technologies designed to recognize a threat to the system or to the people and flag it for Judicial Review. With the Judicial System automated anything that violates the Global Constitution or any individual rights or agreed on common sense laws will be found to be illegal and stopped because there will be no buying of judges and legislators or because of their biases or personal beliefs. The source code for this system should be read only and written in stone on a monument in every nation so that individuals who want to protect those freedoms can ensure that code has not been hacked. We get it right the first time and do not allowfor amendments, the United States served as an experiment for this and it was through the amendment process that we were corrupted. 2. As Suzy Kassem put it “if we want truth and justice to rule our global village, there must be no hypocrisy. If there is no truth, then there will be no equality. No equality, no justice. No Justice, no peace. No peace, no love. No love, only darkness.”The courts of the world have become a business, one that gives exception to the wealthy while creating an industrial prison complex that turns the poor into prison worker slaves. Everything about this systemmust be changed starting with the elimination of “protectionist” laws designed to create inequality. If we are to have a true rule of law it must be fair, unambiguous and apply to everyone equally. There is no need for volumes upon volumes of legal texts, this just creates dependence on lawyers and Will Rogers got it right when he said: “I don’t think you can make a lawyer honest by an act of legislature. You’ve got to work on his conscience and his lack of conscience is what makes him a lawyer.” Law should be short simple and to the point so that anyone flagged by the Automated Judicial System should not need to be defended and can easily speak for themselves, This system will be dependent on autonomous policing technologies and those technologies do come with a sacrifice of privacy though the system can be built so that only the Judicial System has access to that sacrifice of privacy. The system would be all seeing and all hearing and constantly evaluating that information for violations of law. The system will be built right the first time and given strict protocol for keeping the surveillance information it collects private unless a violation of law occurs. Many will be disturbed by this idea eventhough their privacy has been compromised for a long time now, you just have to look at it as a better alternative to giving evil men control of those systems or going backwards and eliminating technology. The person whose is flagged for violation of law will be given a chance to defend themselves and judged by a Jury presented with evidence the system collected and a live defense statement made by the individual flagged. After the individual makes their defense statement the system will search and present evidence that supports or opposes the defense statement so the jury can adjudicate. The computer will put every individual into rotation for jury duty and jury duty can be served remotely via an up-gradable smart device issued to everyone worldwide. Humane sentences for violations will be established and humane automated prison systems will house those found guilty. Keep in mind that with such radical changes made to society there will only be a need for common sense laws such as do no harm to others, cause no damage to community property or these systems, do not violate any individuals rights, do not pollute(an extension of cause no damage), do not force any individual to do something against their will and so on. With the changes I am proposing to global economics we will see a drastic decrease in crime and the underlying causes of most crimes will be eliminated when equality is set in stone.3. As George Bernard Shaw put it: “Patriotism is, fundamentally, a conviction that a particular country is the best in the world because you were born in it…”We are getting rid of nations either through the globalist agenda or on our terms. With competition among nations there will always be war. You can trust this abolishing of nations to the same people thatgave you the failed European Union or we can do it right. Any people that stand up and say they want to be part of this Global Republic and stop recognizing the authority of those that have repeatedly failed them will be given protection from those people by the Global Republic. Any Nations that do notwant to be a part of the Global Republic will be isolated from the Global Economy and its resources and will have to figure out a way to survive and operate solely on their nations resources. Eventually after seeing how well the rest of the world is living and getting along I am confident the people in the most corrupt nations under the foot of monarchs and dictators will get up the courage to resist and cast off their tyrants and become part of the Global Republic. Any of the Tyrants that willingly give up control should be allowed to live out their lives as they would have if they were still in power as long as they also adhere to the rule of law. In other words, voluntarily relinquishing control would absolve them from any previous crimes against humanity in an effort to minimize any Global Republic use of force and save the lives that would be lost in securing that nations rights under the Global Republic Constitution. It all boils down to : do you believe in equality or not? If you believe everyone in the world should equally have basic human rights then there is no need for nations and no need for rulers or a nanny state, everyone should get to decide what their path in life will be and be able to enjoy the life they make for themselves. 4. “Well first of all, tell me: Is there some society you know that doesn’t run on greed? You think Russia doesn’t run on greed? You think China doesn’t run on greed? What is greed? Of course, none of us are greedy, it’s only the other fellow who’s greedy. The world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests. The great achievements of civilization have not come from government bureaus. Einstein didn’t construct his theory under order from a bureaucrat. Henry Ford didn’t revolutionize the automobile industry that way. In the only cases in which the masses have escaped from the kind of grinding poverty you’re talking about, the only cases in recorded history, are where they have had capitalism and largely free trade. If you want to know where the masses are worse off, worst off, it’s exactly in the kinds of societies that depart from that. So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear, that there is no alternative way SO FAR discovered of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by the free-enterprise system.” Milton FriedmanI have a lot of respect for Milton Friedman, the world does run on greed and people do pursue their selfinterests and SO FAR no other system advanced technology and productive activities like the free enterprise system the United States used to have and the Golden Age of Islam used to have during the 8th thru the 13th century until Baghdad became a financial center of power and that power corrupted greedy men. When socialists and communists point to the evils of capitalism in America they are not talking about the free market system our founders created, they are pointing to the protectionist economy it has become through corporate lobbyists, these are vastly different economic systems. A rapper named Styles P put it in perspective with a line in one of his songs “Money, you’re the root of evil, how they print In God We Trust knowing what you do to people”. So this is the part of this letter where I attempt the impossible and try to sell you on how we can eliminate money as we know it. Some will try to say we just need to get rid of our fiat currency and go back to gold backed money, others want a barter system and others think cryptocurrency is the way to go. Money can be anything people give value to so my proposal takes a route that gives value to contributions to society instead of something that can invoke greed and steer self interest away from the greater good. Just before the global plandemic I heard a new term “social credit system” which was stolen from British Engineer C.H. Douglas (like everything else china puts out) and redesigned as yet another system of control and suppression of free speech and dissent by assigning a “reputation score” to businesses and individuals in an effort to eliminate freethinkers from the society the people behind the CCP want to create. When Iheard the term it got me thinking, what if we replaced money with a better version of social credit giving value to and raising up those that choose to do for society instead of doing for themselves. Back
before the world was colonized by evil men we were tribal people that worked cooperatively rather than competitively. If you make doing for others the way to improve ones place in society everyone starts on a level playing field and that is a necessary foundation for equality. So how would this system work? To start under the Global Republic Constitution everyone would have the basic right to eat and be housed and current technology can already support this. For their to be a cooperative global system we must do away with private property and build smart cities capable of feeding and housing an ever growing population. Under United Nations Agenda 2030 they plan on removing private property anyway so its coming on their terms or ours. Part of the role of the government computer system will be the fair, efficient use and distribution of resources. Any nation that chooses to join the Global Republic will have the choice to trade in their privately owned real estate for prime housing in these smart cities or be allowed to enjoy their property until the time of their death, a permanent moratorium would be put on willing of property to another and upon the property owners death their land would be recycled to use to expand a smart city or returned to its natural state to allow for a permaculture approach to livestock husbandry where animals are not pumped full of hormones allowing only those with the strongest herd immunity to survive and populate and live free until the time they are harvested.These smart cities will be built with this social credit system in mind, providing bigger and more luxurious housing in the city center for those that do the most for society like invent new technology, discover new things, explore the depths of our oceans and the many wonders we have yet to uncover in our wold, teach, provide healthcare services we cannot automate, carry out community services like counseling for people that chose to do drugs but want to get clean or do any jobs that cannot be automated. Upon turning 18 everyone will start by living in the housing on the outskirts of the city and have the opportunity to earn their way towards the city center by helping or advancing society. Part of sentencing for crimes could be to move offender housing back to the outskirts. Everyone will be issued the same, up-gradable/repairable smart phone since the internet has become the most common vehicle for free speech. Not baiting customers with improved technologies so they buy new phones every year will drastically improve our use of resources and impact on the environment and allow juries to serve anywhere in the world instantly without much disruption of their day. Keeping overpopulation in mind,those who choose not to have kids will earn extra social credit and eliminate the practice of putting poison in our food and water as well as the other methods governments use to selectively thin the population. So everyone will be fed and housed but luxury items like boats, exotic cars, atvs, mudding trucks and more will be time shared by those that reach a certain social credit score providing an incentive for people to do more than sit around and eat free food. Those that want to live a life outside of the city could learn a skill like protecting the permaculture herds, tending to the land to make sure there are enough grasslands to feed those herds and many other functions that will become necessary inthis new way of the world and in doing so will earn better housing for when they become unable to carefor themselves and need to or want to return to the city. A persons imagination will be the only limit to how they can advance themselves in society, people will develop activities like games and dinner programs that bring people together, people will develop more sustainable technology that would otherwise be suppressed by oil companies or power companies in our current protectionist economy. Transportation systems will be developed and deployed so that everyone can spend a year traveling the world and experiencing the diverse cultures that make this world of ours such a great place to save. Youwill have the opportunity to do whatever you want if you just apply yourself and do for others first. I envision artists coming together to create new wonders of the world that celebrate humanity and its evolution to more conscious beings, engineers that come together to create a world without hunger or suffering, kids that grow up with 2 loving parents able to focus on their care and development because they do not have to be on a hamster wheel 70 hours a week working multiple jobs to continue going deeper in debt, no cops harassing anyone because of their race or because funds need to be generated tosupport corrupt and wasteful budgets, there will be only unbiased, unemotional and humane autonomous policing technology that leaves you alone if you do no wrong, medicine that works for people instead of against them and an unbiased education system that promotes inner reflection and selfdiscovery, the development of new technologies and new understanding of who we really are and what this universe we inhabit is really all about and has to offer us as we evolve or we can let them carry out their agenda and the movie Idiocracy will most certainly become a documentary as they continue to dumb down the population. I heard Elon Musk give a speech on how his Nueralink technology will enable our minds to connect with AI and make everyone super smart and able to download new information. I must admit I do not know much about artificial intelligence other than you get out what you put in and the thought of hooking people, that cannot even be civil to each other in traffic(ironically they usually have coexist bumper stickers), to AI scares the shit out of me. With the mind control technology being developed at DARPA you would have to be a fool to think Elon’s technology would be allowed to make people smarter instead of being used to turn everyone into mindless drones incapable of independent thought. I have intentionally tried to leave what many refer to as conspiracy theory out of this letter but I will implore you to start searching for the truth while it is still available but being increasingly censored and deleted, trust me truth is way stranger than fiction, that’s why it is so easily rejected by the masses. I would think people would want to at least know who was tied to Jeffrey Epstein before they allow these people to carry out their globalist agenda or we can wait and find out when you have to suck a dick or let someone fondle your child just to even get in a gluten free bread line…I leave you with this thought that even the most articulate socialist cannot dispute: When you ask government to fix something it will never get fixed because if it was fixed they would lose their budget for that problem and government would have to shrink and that is counter to the nature of that beast. There was no need for socialized medicine when the churches funded nonprofit teaching hospitals but the pharmaceutical industry and the nonprofit industrial comlex lobbied to pass legislation prohibiting those hospitals from buying cheaper medications manufactured outside of the United States and that drove the cost up so high that those hospitals had to close. Our nonprofit food banks have been regulated into depending on the wasteful government funding structure where so many billions is earmarked for these programs and each person that is designated to disperse those funds takes a percentage before they do so by the time it goes from federal hands to national agencies to state agencies to fund management hands to the actual food banks most of that money has been skimmed from the top and we are all paying for it with raised consumer prices or value added taxes. It would have been much more efficient if we just gave that money voluntarily to those nonprofits or to those hungry people but our self interest, greed and overall laziness when it comes to civic duty prevents that from happening. It is time we take accountability, realize things will not get better unless people do things for themselves without the high price tag that comes with government intervention. Governments should only exist to protect the rights of it’s citizens and giving any person the power to carry out that duty, if it takes 5 years or 250 years, will end in disaster. Lots of conservative news sources are saying we need to protect our democracy, that goes to show you just how fucked up our system is. The United States was founded as a constitutional republic with individual rights as the pinnacle of importance. Democracy is mob rule, if you are a minority that makes up 13 percent of the population I would think that concept would scare the shit out of you. The democracy deception is whatenabled legislation like Jim Crow laws and stop and frisk laws, if you want more of that then by all means keep buying into the democracy deception, I am sure they will need a scapegoat to blame when all hell breaks loose after the great reset. If you think politicians like Hillary Clinton who referred to black men as super predators in the 90s won’t pull something like that I refer you to my offer for prime real estate in the everglades above. Why else would 1% white billionaires that stand to make trillions on this great reset be funding riots? When this all over do you think they want anyone pointing the finger at them? I want to say this letter is sincere with no expectation for accolades, just a desire to see
world hunger end and see world peace before I die and maybe to make a better world for my kid to grow up in by not just preserving freedom and individual rights here but maybe infecting the rest of theworld with a desire for the same. If you catch a virus in 2021 I hope it’s the freedom virus and I hope you do your part to make it spread just as quickly as rights taking covid did. Do not let a fear of losing creature comforts silence your voice and make you sit this one out, everyone needs to act now or you will lose those creature comforts along with your rights. History will show those that had the most to lose did nothing, at least until they erase and rewrite that history anyway. The pen is always mightier than the sword, use words not violence, actions can be misinterpreted, they might speak louder than words but when you use words you can be assured your message will stay the same. Please make civil disobedience and nonviolent protest be your action if you cannot find the right words, they are depending on violence to usher in martial law and suspend the bill of rights so they can make the changes the United Nations is stipulating. If you are a conservative or think the two party system isn’t two wings of the same bird of prey both pushing this agenda along I want you to ask yourself why Trump never even tried to pull us out of the United Nations. Stop listing to what the world actors say and look within your self and ask what you think is right. If what I proposed here is what the world wants someone will find a way for you to make your voice heard no matter if you are in the Americas, on the plains in Africa, the jungles in Vietnam or deep inside communist China if the people have the will the universe will make a way. I am a hustler, inventor and serial entrepreneur with plenty of skills to thrive in their globalist agenda New World Order and somehow this came out of me so please trust the universe will always find a way if the will is strong enough. In conclusion, what I have said here and the reality of the situation is you only have 2 choices either move forward their way which brings about much of what I said here except those surveillance will be used to shame you into compliance of their draconian rules and to enforce a carbon tax for your every movement or action, the other choice is to use that technology to usher in a new era for humanity, one that will end hunger and human suffering and give all an equal footing. “What about going back to the old normal” you ask? Wanting the old normal with its perpetual hamster wheel that never gets you to a better place is basically you as Pinocchio saying “I want to stay a wooden puppet”. Wanting their “NewNormal” is saying you want to be refurbished into a fancy new puppet. Creating the Global Republic I am proposing would be you saying “I want to be a real boy for once in my existence” and finally cutting the strings. The choice is your, it always has been...Sincerely, Justin Andre Lamoureux