An Open Letter to the Woman Who Sold Us a Sick Dog

Subject: An Open Letter to the Woman Who Sold Us a Sick Dog
From: Talia
Date: 7 Mar 2016

You don't remember who I am, and you probably never will, given how careless you are. You'll never see this letter either so this really is just for me, but in case you do, just know that you are the lowest person I've ever met.
My mom bought Bella from you a couple months ago. She was so tiny and beautiful. You told my mom that she was a runt and that's why she was so small. Yeah, maybe there was something fishy about how you wanted to meet us at Walmart in the dead of night, but we didn't care because we were getting a brand new puppy!
After about a week, my mom knew she was not okay. We all did. I denied it because I had already fallen so deeply in love with her that if something happened, I would lose myself. The vet told us she was fine (the first time,) she just was tiny and not as old as you told us she was. She also said her legs would forever be messed up, it wasn't something she would "grow out of." We went home hoping for the best.
A couple days passed and I knew she was leaving us. She wouldn't eat, move, or do anything for that matter. We had to put her down to end the suffering that you cause. She died today, but she died in the arms of a loving family and not a sick dog farm that you've got going at your house. I hate you and I don't think I'll ever stop. All you wanted was the 500 bucks. Did you not think about all the kids my mom had in the car when we picked up that mistreated puppy? Did you not think about all of our hearts breaking and the memories that I won't be able to let go of for years and years to come?
Rest in peace Bella, we love you forever.

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