Open Letter To The Woke

Subject: Open Letter To The Woke
From: An American Patriot
Date: 4 Nov 2022

We know who you are. You try to pass yourselves off as one of us, but now we know better. You say you deserve a seat at the table, just like everyone else. But you are not like everyone else. You don’t think like us and you don’t believe what we believe. You have misled many of us, but that time is over. We know who you really are now. Your mask is off.

You are – whether you know it or not – followers of a false religion. This religion claims to have the key to all of human history, and secret knowledge of the “truth” about how to create a heaven on earth. But it is all a lie. It is you, not us, who are on the wrong side of history.

Your false religion claims that you and your fellow believers can change the world by tearing down all the structures of society. It does not matter to you what the excuse is for tearing down everything, as long as the destruction starts as soon as possible, so the utopia you dream of can somehow spring out of its ashes. You are feverishly trying to tear apart all the massive accomplishments and achievements of not only this country but in fact the entirety of Western civilization.

But it is all a lie, a lie as old as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, as old as the Tower of Babel. Your vaunted “dialectic” that you claim is moving inevitably toward heaven on earth is in reality nothing but a death march. It is magical, dark-ages thinking, tearing apart everything that is, in the false hope of finding the gold in the lump of lead, the divine spark that you claim is trapped in every human being. If you can free enough of these “divine sparks” you dream they will unite into the perfect state that you call communism – although, of course, you don’t use that word because it would give away the game.

Now we know who you are, and what you really believe. For a time we were deceived by your smokescreens, but we have done our homework now and the darkness has lifted. We can see that your ideas have no substance, that all you have is rhetorical tactics and word games. We see your beliefs for what they really are, and we reject them all.

Hear this: we will fight your wicked ideology. We will not allow philosophical notions to destroy the actual, real-world progress that our ancestors have built up over generations and centuries by their blood, their sweat, and their tears – into the world we all enjoy today. We will not allow you to burn down the last, best hope of earth
We will not allow you to keep on tearing apart our families with your constant criticism. We will not allow you to indoctrinate our children. We will not allow you to “cancel” us. We will not allow you to divide and conquer us by luring us into your bloody revolution – but even if you do start one, rest assured it will not end the way you think it will.

We will defeat you. We will defeat you because it is the right thing to do. We will defeat you because we love our children and our grandchildren and we will not let them suffer in your hellish gulags. We will do this because true justice demands it.

We will not stop until your movement is politically defeated and socially humiliated. We will not stop until it is forever relegated to the dustbin of history where it belongs. We are already starting to regain some of the ground we have lost, but this is only the beginning – the beginning of the end for your vicious ideology that is responsible for the deaths of millions.

We don’t believe your lies any more. We won’t ever believe them again.

We may not win this war in our lifetimes. That does not matter. What matters is that in the end justice – true and final justice – will be done, both in this world and the next. After you are defeated here, God – the One you deny now – will judge you and everyone who does not repent of your false religion while there is still time. From His judgment there will be no appeal.