Open letter to The Walt Disney Company (about HSM4)

Subject: Open letter to The Walt Disney Company (about HSM4)
From: Krisztian T.
Date: 23 Nov 2016
High School Musical 10 years anniversary reunion

Dear Disney!
I did not know how to get in touch with you, because I'm just a fan group leader, in which we're a few thousand, in turn you are one of the most famous big companies. Finally, I chose this maybe a bit pointless way.
I would like to ask for your help and information about an important thing for millions of people. That millions of people, your fans, viewers one thing has been employed for more than eight years.
My story goes back several years, to be exact for 2006. Then many people, including me were still teenagers and even younger. Then came the day that changed us all. The day that made us a better person. We have become more understanding and more accepting against both ourselves and others. We have learned and loved songs, scenes, characters and people. We learned to dance, speak English (only to enjoy the original language of the film), we learned to want to learn about the world, about how things are... And so on.
We closed our hearts for a lifetime the actors, writers, the director and everyone who took part in it.
Of course, this is the High School Musical!
Not just a film is what we got, but set an example and role models. And not only they gave us many beautiful moments, they also received life-long friendships and memories. Seeing this, we also signed new friends, even if it was a difficult task for some of us. For example at that time I could not imagine that I will ever write an open letter to Disney, especially not adding my name. And we got a couple who live in our memories forever. However, the reality can sometimes cause pain.
Then this miracle is stopped for a few years, but now continue again, thanks to you. And after 10 years, now, thousands of people's get a better life and even tens of millions. There's people who are very happy because he/she is will be include in the 4th part, and others because they can see the sequel. But does the old actors will also be include in the film? This employs the most people right now.
Because this film is not just a title. Not a "brand name". It's the old actors and the old feelings themselves.
The reason I am writing this letter now is this: Among the news appear daily, we constantly meet the ones which deals with the topic of the movie. But you doesn't gave a formal resolution to us, since you announced the sequel of the movie. As if nothing happen in connection with the thing.
If all the fans are really important to you, please bring back the old cast for a reunion. I do not think that it will be a difficult thing for you as though the actors have long since said goodbye to East High, they also want to return. A true fan feels it.
As well as the key phrase was said in the movie: "Once a Wildcat... Always a Wildcat!!"
And dear Disney, if you read this, even a small request to the end of this letter: If you would be willing to share a few small information with the fans, and there is a little time for me (us), please contact with me on: [email protected]
Grateful thanks, Krisztian T.