Dear Benedict Cumberbatch

Subject: Dear Benedict Cumberbatch
From: Ana
Date: 4 Sep 2017

Dear Benedict Cumberbatch,

My name is Ana,i'm 32 years old and i'm from Bucharest,Romania.First i want to appologise for my English-i learnd English only from watching movies in English. I write to you today because i know i'll never have the chance to meet you. And even if somehow,someday i'll see you passing by me i know i would not dare to come bother you. You are a busy man,i know. I would probably smile and keep walking. So,this is my letter,this is me smiling as i pass by you and my thoughts that will accompany you a few moments more as i keep walking.
You are a great actor,a beautiful man with a brilliant mind,tones of talent and a wonderful heart.
Thank you for The Imitation Game. Thanks to you i learned an important part of our world history. An important part of our legacy.And i learned about a great man- Alan Turing. You were so good...i had two things that keept running over and over again in the back of my mind weeks after i saw this movie:this incredible true story and your face. I even appologised to him for the way he was treated in behalf of our own behalf of the entire humanity that unfortunatly has lost the humanity long long time ago..and then i thanked him for everything he gave to all of us. For this i thank you,dear Benedict.
Thank you for Sherlock. For me it was a wake up call. To put my mind to work. To really observe. We all have so much power inside us and we are just wasting it watching television to much or letting us get caught by the daily routine.
I've seen so many of your movies that i would probably be capable to write here for days. And i don't even know that many words. And for what i want to say,they were not even invented probably.
You inspired me to finish my book. I was so afraid to fail that i decided to stop writting.You gave me the courage.
Thank you! Thank you for the inspiration,thank you for the history lessons,thank you for the story,thank you for the feelings,thank you for all the emotions,thank you for the quality time! I can't wait for your next movies. I don't know when The Current War will be released in my country,but i'm waiting..paciently.My heart will always be the first row...applauding matter where you matter where i am.