an open letter to those who struggle

Subject: an open letter to those who struggle
From: Breah
Date: 13 Mar 2017

To those who struggle,

Every day we make decisions big and small about everything and everyone around us. Our lives are full of decisions and risks within those decisions. Those risks are something we have to take in order to move forward, they are a part of our everyday lives. while that is something a majority of us learn, there are still those who do not and maybe don’t even realize that they have and this is why I’m writing this letter, to incite change and change how you think of not only yourself or the people and things around you, but also how you can make decisions and what kind of impact those decisions have.

In my class British literature, we were assigned a classic to read and from this book we were to find a connection with an issue. my book was Watership down and the issue is the lack of risks taken in our lives. My issue from the book is still reliant and always will be as long as there is more than one person or thing alive, be it on earth or in some ship in space because the world has ended and, like the people in wall-e and the 100, we have managed to escape it. it is important to your life decisions and the sooner that you learn it the sooner it can help.

This story is about rabbits who have to rely on each other in order to survive. The rabbits leaving the warren, going to Efrafa the first and the second time in order to get Does, not just for them, but because they know that without females the warren that they had worked so hard to create would not exist once they were gone. They adapt to their environment and make the choice to take chances to be able to change their lives for the better. They have to learn that they need to see and care for everyone around them, but also that it’s not just about the individuals that they need to look out for and instead the entire group. All can be applied to everything that you do, even choosing whether or not you should go to the store before the storm or wait it out.

the book points out many aspects of day to day life, even government, so to read the book through thoroughly is to show just what those things are and how they come into play. The ideas the rabbits had and used. the lifesaving decisions that were out of a rabbits’ norm. the befriendment of Kehaar. the use of the wood and the boat. the way that they saved the warren from Woundwort and the Owsla. the acceptance of others differences and how they as individuals contribute to the overall welfare of the group. the befriendment of the mouse. the decision to leave the second warren once they found out about the snares and secrets. the trust in others, specifically fiver since he was so abnormal. the ability to plan and make alterations to the plan while carrying it out based off of the situation. The ability to face their fears and things that are unfamiliar. The ability to think a head. The loyalty they had to one another and those of their own kind are all things that can be learned from and applied to your own life reaching beyond what is set before you.

best of luck,
Breah Elmer


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