A Open Letter To Those Who Are Upset About The 2016 Election

Subject: A Open Letter To Those Who Are Upset About The 2016 Election
From: A Concerned Citizen
Date: 11 Dec 2016

There has been a lot of anger and fear among Democrats and many other minority groups and those who despise or disagree with Trump about the results of the 2016 election. Being upset is normal. However, it is not healthy to fill your mind with negative emotions about the future president. Mr. Trump will not be able to implement massive deportation, ban all Muslims, or do any other drastic change without the certain limitations and restrictions that every president is subject to. In order to do those things he said, Trump will be limited in his powers and Congress will have to approve of every major action taken by Trump. In addition, the system of checks and balances which protects one branch from being too powerful than the rest of the branches is protected by our country’s constitution, which will stay permanent. Although it seems like the country is falling apart at the seams, it is still strong and united through its people and through its fundamental beliefs.

Especially those who are minorities and especially those who are Muslim, you should not be afraid of being kicked out or deported. Only those who associate with terrorist groups and have shown radical behaviors are the ones who will be banned from the country. In addition, Trump will implement security measures in place to ensure that radical terrorists will not be able to come into America while criminals who reside here will be subject to increased surveillance. The measures taken by the new president will therefore increase the security and safety of everyone who lives here. Although through the eyes of the media it seems as if Trump is not welcoming towards different races, women, and other minority groups, all that he wants to do is to prevent dangerous criminals and terrorists from entering our country and destroying our peaceful lives. All that he wants is for our country to be a safe and secure place to live in. Therefore, everyone should not be frightened or angered or annoyed by the new president, because he is merely doing his job while his words are a part of him that we just have to bear with.

In addition, Trump’s proposed policy in regulating illegal immigration will positively affect the U.S economy. People who have lived here all their lives or have worked hard to gain legal U.S residence will be able to gain more opportunities for growth and freedom in the form of more jobs opening up. It has been proven by fact that jobs are constantly taken by illegal immigrants so that businesses can gain a profit while neglecting those unemployed workers still struggling to make a living. This is not what this country stands for. Previously, President Obama has granted citizenship to illegal immigrants while neglecting those still waiting for a citizenship, which is not fair to those who have come here legally looking for a better life. In the upcoming four years of Trump’s term, there is hope that he will be able to limit or stop the influx of illegal immigrants coming into the U.S and establish a process for legal residency, which will hopefully improve and enhance the overall U.S economy.

While some things that Trump has been widely publicized in saying are true, the media and the Internet mostly exaggerate them. The media played a huge role in the election by setting Trump in a negative light and his image was tarnished by focusing too much on issues taken out of context. His major ideas, however, as expressed in the presidential debates, were quite radical compared to Clinton’s ideas, and that aspect set him apart from the other candidates. Probably the reason why more people elected him was that it appeared from the media’s perspective that Clinton was wining, therefore more people, especially Democrats, were confident in Clinton’s victory and did not vote. This election will prove to be a reminder to people that it is important to exercise their right to vote, since not everyone is eligible to vote, it is imperative that the ones who are eligible do choose to vote, even if they have complete confidence that the candidate they are choosing is more likely to win than the other candidate.

Although most Americans did not dare to admit it, they admired Trump’s ideas, brutal honesty and courageous personality. They kept quiet over the course of the election though, and they did not come out until Election Day, when the voice of the American people was heard through the accumulation of votes across the 50 states. As the votes started coming in, it became apparent that the country and its people were ready for widespread change while others were in complete shock and awe. Many people disagreed and the protests started pouring in the next day even though the results had already come in. It is all right to express our anger through protests and social media rants, but eventually our tirade must come to a rest. For all the ones who are still in shock, it is best to ease away from obsessing over the results and whatever else went wrong during the 2016 election. It is best to carry on with our day-to-day lives because the outcome has been decided and there is no turning back.

Overall, this election has been a lesson to all of us that it is important to exercise our right to vote in all elections, whether they be national or local and whether or not we think our vote will count, because it will count. And those who are Democrats, minorities, or anyone who feels uncertain for the upcoming four years of Trump presidency, can be reassured in the fact that there will not be a single drastic action Trump will take that will not be regulated. The fundamental laws protecting our freedom can never be erased. Our country has voted and the most we can do is to accept the results of the 2016 election and move on with our lives.