An Open Letter to Social Media Enthusiasts

Subject: An Open Letter to Social Media Enthusiasts
From: Tim Garcia
Date: 13 Mar 2017

To whom it may concern:
I would like to take a minute and tell you that life is not all about you. There ARE in fact OTHER PEOPLE on this planet that exist outside of your snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, or whatever else strikes your fancy. The way you walk around with your nose in a phone, oblivious to everything around is not only a disservice to those around you, but to yourself. Insulating yourself with like mined people, in like-minded communities, makes for sheep, cattle dumbed down masses or whatever you want to call them. How can you expand your perspective on life if you refuse to hear any perspective that contests or challenges your line of thinking? In good debate we should always be on the line of offensive, for if I am not pushing your belief system then how would you ever find the truth in your convictions? I am not saying that we must abandon our online connection or that your belief is wrong; I am merely saying that how do you know whom you wish to be if you have never questioned who you are? That is the double edged sword of the connection in our hands, how do we grow in positive light, not through hate speech and memes that guise the truth with agenda and distraction, but to really acknowledge the world around you, to take in the scene and develop an unassisted opinion on the matter. Today we are too worried about likes, and views, and comments to truly represent ourselves in media. I will be unapologetic in my assault on your beliefs, but always in a respectful way, a way that cannot be done via a keyboard. I know that this being an open letter adds irony to my claim, but I have signed below, not hiding from the response it may generate. I want us all to see the disconnect we have with each other, the blind trips into the world that leave us no more experienced with life than before we left. There is much to learn out here away from the noise of the like minds wishing to draw further down their rabbit hole and farther away from the truth. The truth is in front of you every day. Will you see that our will you see the latest outfit your friend wore? That choice is up to you.

Warmest regards,

Tim Garcia


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