Open Letter to Sears

Subject: Open Letter to Sears
From: A Customer Wanting Improvements
Date: 14 Feb 2016

An Open Letter to the Sears CEO and Retail Buying Teams

Dear Sears,

I am not surprised you are losing market share in the apparel sector. The clothes I’ve seen are truly AWFUL. I know my next sentence will be of little comfort, but here it is: Most of your competitors sell awful clothes too.

Here is what will make me shop for clothing (and shoes) at Sears:

· Get rid of 75% of the clothing made from fabrics that cling to the bodies of women who are not anorexic/anorectic or model thin.

· Get rid of 75% of the clothing that contributes to the rapid generation of static electricity during the winter months. That’s something that leads to all types of items becoming ridiculously clingy.

· Get rid of 75% of the 100-percent polyester clothes

· Get rid of 75% of items made with what’s being called “microfiber”. That’s polyester too.

· Get rid of 75% of the clothes blended with more than 25% of spandex.

· Make wool blends staple fabrics for the clothes you sell. It need not cost a fortune to look good.

· Make cotton blends staple fabrics for the clothes you sell.

· Sleeveless dresses are popular, but not everyone wants them. Toned arms are desirable but not always achievable.

· Hire designers who understand that many women want clothes that don’t cling to every hump, lump, or roll but can still look flattering and modern.

· Stop trying to sell clothes with truly ugly patterns.

· Reject the widespread belief that anyone who wears size 12 and above should be forced to wear the ugliest patterns imaginable.

· Find a way to show you care about helping women look well-dressed AND attractive.

· Employ in-store, fashion advisors/consultants who can use technology to show women the types of clothing styles that will fit their body types. Haven’t you noticed that some women need such sage advice along with better-made clothes?

Here is what will make me shop for shoes at Sears:

· Stop trying to sell shoes that force women to choose between attractive styles and comfort.

Break away from the pack mentality that has created a retail wasteland of cheap, badly made clothing and driven away discerning shoppers en masse.

I will be away from the USA for a few weeks, but I look forward to reading about a fashion REVOLUTION at Sears.

Best wishes,